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    Rana Goodman

    This morning, 4/30/22 I sent a note to SCA President Steve Anderson with my thoughts on the seating arrangement that will replace the booths that were a fixture in the restaurant since it first opened as Trumpets when I became a resident in 2003.   I had heard that the booths were to be replaced by long tables in that section,  I recounted that each time I have gone into a restaurant set up in that way I requested alternate seating since I find long tables impossible to converse privately with your companion or other people in your party.

    As he always had, Steve Anderson responded within the hour and has given me permission to publish his response, I’m happy to share that with you and urge you to send your thoughts to the board of directors.


    You may certainly post was I sent to you    I also encourage residents to weigh in along the way.  Right now this is a beginning concept and we will go from there.  I encourage and appreciate all the input we can get.  


    The tables in that section would not be one long table.  Rather the tables would be for two people.  If a party of 4 came then two tables would be pushed together to seat 4.  There would be a space between that foursome and then the next grouping.  By moving tables together you would have the ability to have seating for say a party of 12 or a party of 6.  What is envisioned would enable the area to be configured in a variety of ways to accommodate parties of different sizes.

    The problem of the booths now is that the tables are fixed to the floor.  Thus, for people like Barry and myself, we do not fit well as we never have room between us and the table.  I am jealous of skinny people like you who fit well in those booths.  Booths also are not very flexible as they only seat four.  What we have right now are just sketches and we are looking for input prior to making any final decision.

    I will copy both Paul and Sandy on this email so that your concerns are expressed to those that will be working with Campbell House for the final design.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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