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    Rana Goodman


    By Robert Stern

    The issue is financial responsibility. I could care less if there is a restaurant or not personally but I do understand those that truly want a restaurant whether it be for convenience, loneliness, or any other human need.

    The Community has been without a restaurant and the home values have skyrocketed so to those who make the false argument that a restaurant is economically in our best interests for home values lose that argument.

    And those who made the false argument that the majority wanted the restaurant deflected the real issue. MONEY and ASSESSMENTS and FINANCIAL HEALTH. The restaurant is the symbol of terrible financial irresponsibility and decision making on a pet project that the GATEKEEPER’s Sandy Seddon and failed board leadership want you to believe that you are in good financial hands and should trust their collective judgment. You shouldn’t .

    I hope being financially responsible matters to you. Some of you don’t care now and maybe you never will. But for most I hope responsible financial management matters. And if you want sound financial management you ought to vote that way. Don’t be fooled. This board cannot defend their collective financial irresponsibility, With the main reserves at a 71 % funding level, your annual 2023 main assessments up 25% over 2022 payments and the irresponsible already $2 million deficit financing of the restaurant with more to follow ought to be enough evidence that our money needs better management.

    And there is more evidence like the wasted money on Bocce at Liberty only to be later demolished for pickle ball and that too has hit a snag. Poor Planning. Wasted Resources. Bad Decision Makers. And there is more. AND THAT IS OUR ISSUE.

    It’s not about the restaurant. It’s about who is deciding how to spend our money in the best interests of homeowners. If you care make your votes count. So whether you support a restaurant or not they issue is financial responsibility. And do you want the GATEKEEPER’s chosen board candidates to stay in charge with a blank check and that’s what they have. They will ignore the 2023 budget and its padded with what is known in accounting circles as a hidden reserve.

    If something they didn’t think of was missed, they will explain it to you as necessary and claim it was within budget. It’s a set up scam folks. The GATEKEEPER will provide you his slate of current board members and his personal groomed favorites and if you can accept them then expect more of the same. We need a change!

    I am not recommending any candidates that may emerge for nomination in January as they will have to be vetted by Adam Clarkson. But I am recommending that current board members NOT get your votes. If they choose to seek reelection their collective financial judgments and poor planning have harmed the best interests of the homeowners. We deserve better. You deserve better.

    They also have supported the abuse of homeowners due process rights and unequal enforcement of the governing documents. They don’t deserve your vote. And this is serious stuff. The GATEKEEPER may choose to tell you this is about the restaurant and supporting his team and defeating negativity. It’s not.

    We need adults in the room who will protect the financial health of this great community and ensure that your individual due process and homeowners’ rights are protected. The current board members are not the right folks. It will be your choice. In the Spring, vote for a change.

    alan h

    For as long as I can remember the gatekeeper has pushed for mistakes and board members. He wanted to spend a million on miniature golf. From the beginning of liberty design still just on paper the bocce people told the board members that they were never going to use it. But they wasted the money anyway. They wasted more money trying to make it more appealing. Now instead of just filling it in and burying their mistakes, putting pickle ball over the bocce courts,they are wasting more money by tearing them out. What’s needed there is bathroom facilities in that immediate area, but there’s no money for that.

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