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    Forrest Fetherolf, a long time Sun City Anthem resident passed away at home on Sunday.

    Forrest was a retired LAPD motorcycle officer. While on duty on his motorcycle he was hit by a car and nearly killed. He survived but with lifelong disabling injuries. He ended up in SCA and invested in a few homes he used for rentals and ended up doing repairs not only to his houses but for others. Some may remember him as “Mister Fixit” and he posted on social media how folks could avoid being overcharged by tradesmen as well as many “DIY How To’s.” That was my friend Forrest.

    When my wife and I first moved to SCA we contacted Mister Fixit and he came and helped us with a worn out valve in our shower. He was friendly, welcoming, and very smart. We became friends.

    Forrest co-founded a group called SCARLET which stands for Sun City Anthem Retired Law Enforcement Team which was a collection of retired law enforcement personnel ranging from street cops to federal agents who lived in SCA. It was not only a social group but there was an arrangement with Henderson PD to have us help out and protect SCA in the event of a widespread emergency. I looked forward to our monthly lunch meetings, going to the HPD range, etc.

    Forrest served as a member of the SCA Board of Directors briefly but was always a supporter of SCA residents. As a cop he was a Sheepdog protecting the sheep, in retirement he found himself still helping and protecting folks.

    Rest In Peace, Forrest. Prayers for your family and loved ones. Thank you for your service.

    Rana Goodman


    Thank you for publishing that kind tribute for Forrest, as you said, he was a good man. Not only good, but extremely kind to everyone, stranger or friend.

    I have lived in SCA almost 21 years and have been a friend of Forrest’s for almost all of that time. Dan and I are away at this time and we were so very, very sad to hear this news, suffice to say, we send our condolences to Erlinda and to Forrest’s family……. There is no doubt in my mind that the lord held a special place in heaven for him after all the kindness he has shown to so many people.

    R.I. P dear friend……



    I had known Forrest Fetherolf  for almost the entire time that I have lived here.  He always went “the extra mile” to help anyone who had a problem inside and outside their property.  He NEVER charged anyone for coming over to look at a problem.  If he had to replace a part on anything mechanical, he would try to get the part and only charge the homeowner what he himself paid for it.  He often would give advice to people who lived outside our community who would contact him.  He was selfless and NEVER took advantage of a person seeking his help.  Forrest was truly “one of a kind”.

    May he rest in peace and know that he was truly appreciated, admired and loved.

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