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    The mantle of human existence is cut in half by two very different and impassioned philosophical ideologies. It is written that we cannot serve two masters. The human race has two masters of choice above all others, science and/or religion. Science alone as our master, leaves God without a role. Conversely, as our master, God is all inclusive in all things, including all true science. If no less than Albert Einstein felt he would be “a fool not to believe in God’, then he obviously believed in God as creator of his scientific discoveries.


    Some people believe, everything that happens was meant to be.
    Some may think, whatever happen, becomes a part of destiny.
    If anything is destined to be, then who is the one to determine?
    Will it come from freedom of choice, or from one man’s sermon?

    Turn right, turn left, go forward, turn around and go back.
    Choose to work or play, live in a mansion or a ghetto shack.
    You may choose this, choose that, or choose whatever is left,
    Or you can do nothing at all, and that is a choice in itself.

    If God gave us the right of choice, we can even choose to hate.
    If it all happened by his choice, we might have a different fate.
    When our choices turn out wrong, God is not the one to blame.
    Especially, when evil is done, and carried out in His name.

    Many believe in God’s creation, and factual science does not exist.
    Many believe only in discovery, and what they feel religion has missed.
    Our take on science is not perfect, theory is often proven wrong.
    Wrong interpretation of doctrine, fosters belief that cannot belong.

    Pure self-assurance may leave no room for others, except to blame.
    Could it be that together, they are both one and the same?
    What if both are right and both are wrong, could that be so?
    Could what they each believe, be part of what they both could know?

    With God, all things fit, in the way He brought them to be.
    A big bang, a wave of the hand, however he set it all free.
    Bound by faith and tangibles, because they both in God are true,
    Could it be that some generation, will see a marriage of the two?

    Faith in God and scientific fact, needs no compromise.
    Because, there is no conflict, for a soul thinking wise.
    If the one who holds all the truth, owns it, he surely created it.
    So, how can we know the truth, if we continue to be blinded by it?


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