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    Every artist who ever had a burning preference to ponder, Who lingered in solace, of things no one else would wonder. While children find no reason to worry, only time to play, Soon will come the toil of labor, to be the order of the day.

    To some, their path is in those things that lie ahead. For some, a calling to do far more greater things instead. There is a drive that empowers their soul from within, To leave a trail of who they were, not who they could have been.

    They leave a mark of greater value, not for one, but one and all, Not for the few who knew them, but for those guided by their call. Just as the fawn knows not the why, or whither it goes, Any more than the flower can fathom the seed that it sows.

    Their instinct is to leave behind a lasting signature,
    That they once were here, and still live to ever endure. All of those who follow, will reap an everlasting gain, From the gift of a legacy, that shall forever remain.

    Captain Ron65 January 9, 2017

    It may be true that men are more concerned with their legacy than are women, it would seem at least. Some call it ego, and men do have that tendency. When it gets down to its raw nature, it is little more than in the animal kingdom in the instinct to procreate. It is not a chosen trait. It may be some genetics. One thing is for sure, there have been many a person with the drive to leave their mark on the world. For better or worse, many have, and they always will.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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