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    Too many chiefs, and not enough Indians Small to large in stature, of all homo-sapiens.  Who will be the leader, who speaks for many, Or whose self-interest, speaks for few, if anything. Who will be in charge, of well-intentioned power, Or lives for the moment, of their own finest hour.

    No self-imposed leader of one, or greater multitude, Can stand the test of time, laced with selfish gratitude.  Who will have the humility, to touch those in need, Not to fuel an evil heart, while all the needy bleed. Who will step aside from their own easy street, To stand for those in crisis, or if today they eat.

    Who has more than they need, without a hint of guilt, When they see a broken family, huddled underneath a quilt. Can you spend your wealth, on things to self-amuse? If the greatest need of a child, is a new pair of shoes. In the eyes of our Maker, the greedy will be last, And the poor will be the first, judged by the dye they cast.

    Who will lead as a servant, rather than a master, With insight over blindness, and avoidance of disaster. Who will find their pleasure, in the eyes of those they please? And never be too proud, to join them on their knees. Who will lead the heavy burdened, in their misery and grief, If not on their behalf, in you, they have “a leader in chief.”


    Captain Ron 65

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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