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    How many intentions, go without saying,
    Things you don’t say, except to God while praying.
    Did you tell your wife she’s lovely, even at her worst?
    And were you too busy to put your family first?
    Did you go visit a friend, for that promised conversation?
    What was more important, of all things under the sun?

    Only you and God know what you thought but did not say.
    When tomorrow never comes, what have you lost today?
    I saw a sign in a store, thinking it was not unclear.
    Everything free tomorrow, please come back here.
    When I returned, to my dismay, the sign still read,
    Everything free tomorrow, was something left unsaid?

    The message I missed, was what the sign did not say.
    This day can never be tomorrow, it can only be today.
    If you find this lesson profound, change must have a start.
    Especially when it comes, to matters of the heart.
    If he and she can’t find time today, how will they tomorrow?
    When today is gone, love delayed may turn to sorrow.

    Each time you visit, a father, brother, sister or mother,
    Might it be the last time, or will there be another.
    Will you say goodbye, rush away, to plan the day to come?
    Or decide, not this day, not as I have with some.
    As you walk away to leave, turn and pause to feel,
    As if taking ‘your last glance’, for sooner or later…you will.

    This is dedicated to you, Mom. That last glance is burned in my memory. It was just as this poem said. My thoughts were just as I had often thought as I walked away, knowing that sooner or later I will have taken that last glance. There are others for whom I hope that last glance is yet to come.

    Though today’s hope is a wish for tomorrow, make yesterday’s wish come true today. Yesterday is history, today soon will be, and tomorrow is not a given promise.


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