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    I wonder how often Einstein found himself in a crowded room in a realm with others and yet felt lonely and cursed to a small degree because he doesn’t get to play with others. I’ve seen a few pictures of him where it appears that he wanted to be typical at times, and may have even accomplished it. I don’t know. I’m sure he had great satisfaction with much of his work. I would like to have known him, not to try to measure up or let ego try to elevate myself where I could not be, or feel greater than I am for being associated with something greater than I. I would just have been fascinated by him as I would any person beyond that which I may be capable.

    I came from a place, a time, and an environment that didn’t necessarily hold me back, or hold me prisoner…but the dreams were not to be in the cards for me by not being free to become my own person. All visions that later came to me were from within and created out of things that did not exist in my life. I was in a poor environment in Appalachia, and came to see that for me it would not be about escaping that or finding something else to enlighten me. I found that everything I wanted or needed was wherever I might be. Rather than being schooled to learn, I learned to discern. When that reality became part of the realization of myself…I couldn’t get enough of it. I became an explorer. This was without doubt the path to becoming self made. I knew that I would likely never speak with perfect clarity because of the culture I came from nor would not become an astronaut because of not being anywhere near a door of opportunity. So I transitioned from dreams to visions. There is far more to discern in visions than dreams or wishes. A dream is of the surface. A vision is the world in 3D.

    As a teacher, one must get great satisfaction from the transferring of knowledge, I know I do. We learn many of the things we need or want to know through teaching, but nothing replaces the discovery of what has always been…until the moment it becomes someone’s discovery. Everything that was ever invented had an Einstein to make a discovery of something that was already there. I revel at times when I discover something and then learn that it has already been discovered. So what if it has, I then get acknowledgement that what I didn’t know but discovered on my own is correct. I used to have more time on my hands to think in ways of discovery but now most of my thinking is based on problem solving that which is already known. I came to realize many things that were not typical knowledge several years ago and I hunger for that again. I remembered thinking once that a change of direction was as simple as trying to write something and have half a page and it just didn’t seem to be working, and rather than erasing, or struggling to improve, I felt that a complete change of direction was as simple as wadding that whole paper up and starting anew. That was the simple approach I had at looking at things then and it worked for me. I found myself going back and revisiting things I’d been taught and looking at them not as pure fact, although that seemed to be the case and accepted, but try to look at those facts in alternate ways, and it is amazing the discoveries that lie there like Easter eggs on fresh grass for children to find. There was a time when it was thought that the fastest way get from one place to another was a good fast horse and the only thing that could replace that was a faster horse. Then came the automobile and it has been here for many generations now and we don’t need to make them go faster, but who is to say that there is not a way to move far faster and much safer? Is it time for a new paradigm…a new discovery.

    Anything accepted is not necessarily fact. If something once proven is later proven to not be a fact, which happens quite frequently, then how can we know that any fact exists. There was one such example for me that sent my heart into a myriad of highs and I thought my nervous system was going to short circuit. I was sitting somewhere in thought, just as I often did at the Thinking Stream, and recalled a line from the Bible I had heard so many times in Sunday School and other places. It was, “There is nothing new under the sun.” Something very profound occurred at a particular moment when I realized how simple that statement was, far removed from all the mystery that surrounded it’s interpretation over time since King Solomon uttered those words. It simply means, everything that ever was, still is, and everything that is possible, always was. To simplify that, for instance, man went to the moon in 1969, but they could have done that 1000 years ago. Someone might say, no they couldn’t, they didn’t have rocket ships back then…while smiling I would say, no but they could have. All the physical elements were here, even the same ones that were used in 1969. It did not happen because there weren’t discoveries of elements, knowledge, tools or visions in the right people to make it happen. The laws of physics were in play then as much as they are now. Certain discoveries never happened but they could have. Anything that can be done 50 years from now, could be done now. Everything that exists on this earth always has, with the exception of things that fall to earth from the extraterrestrial, and even they existed in some form somewhere. Every piece of steel, or wood, gas, liquid, or solid, was always here in some form. We look at an automobile and it was here 1000 years ago. Sometimes I wonder if we are creators or manipulators…in a more acceptable meaning of the word. We mix chemicals and physical ingredients of all sorts to manipulate into something we give another name, but the ingredients were always here and they will remain, as in “dust thou art, and to dust thou shall return.” Everything undergoes change, either by our hands or the nature of nature and that is evolution. Evolution is change, but the result is something similar, and not something different as many believe. An elephant doesn’t become a cat or a tree doesn’t become fish. Once this revelation came to me, my next thought was far more astounding to me. If I was correct in my thinking, that would also apply to the evolution of man. We only have to look at some of the first film of the late 1800’s to see the extremes of difference in features of people with a more frail appearance and others at the same time a more rugged look. We’re still somewhat the same, but we’ve changed. Those realizations took on a newly discovered reality and therefore I discerned that man has changed and evolved. Evolution is real but the ‘theory of evolution’ is flawed. We came from something similar, but not from something different.


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