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The Guardians Documentary Rescheduled

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    Rana Goodman

    Just a note to those who were looking forward to seeing the multiple award winning documentary, The Guardians at Life Long Learning;  I’m so sorry but the Club has informed me that March 6th is no longer available for me and must be rescheduled until May.

    I am showing the film at Seinna and Sun City Summerlin but unfortunately those locations are for residents only.

    We are currently looking for another venue and when we arrange that I will send out notification.


    In other words, Sandy and the BOD don’t want it shown before the election.  Why doesn’t that surprise me?


    Dan Roberts

    Just My Opinion

    By: Dan Roberts

    Rana Goodman took to the stage and answers questions after the showing of the award-winning documentary “The Guardians” at Sun City Summerlin yesterday, to an audience of approximately 300 residents.

    Her efforts to protect residents from guardianship abuse in Sun City Anthem have been “postponed” by two clubs who refuse to show the film to its members until after the SCA Board of Directors election.

    While Rana is running for the Board, at a previous SCA showing (and contrary to some) there was NEVER any mention of her candidacy and to further demonstrate her good faith and commitment to this reform, even offered NOT to be at the club meetings.

    Kind of makes one wonder what the priorities of the club’s presidents are – obviously it’s not passing along vital knowledge their members since I offered to show the film in her place at this time.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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