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    Rana Goodman

    The first Nevada public showing of “The Guardians”, the documentary movie of many experiences with Clark County Family Court, will be next Sunday at the inaugural Silver State Film Festival. This will likely be the only time the movie plays in Las Vegas in 2018.

    You will see some familiar faces in the film as this is the documentary that Rana Goodman and Dan Roberts, along with many of the victims of the guardianship scandal took part in during the time that the Vegas Voice worked with the producers of this extraordinary film. We are all so proud that it is part of the festival.

    Due to ongoing negotiations for U.S. distribution and promotion of the movie PLEASE DO NOT post or discuss this viewing on social media. Feel free to contact directly those in Nevada you believe should attend.

    Order your tickets from Eventbrite (see link below) and bring friends and family. We would love  to fill the theater’s 150 seats. The film shows at 10:am at the Orleans Casino Theater on Tropicana.

     (you will note that the films are listed and prices separately by title so if you wish to see only the Guardians, scan down the list until you see that title.)


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