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    The following was written some time ago as a tribute to a very special woman who came into my life, first as a friend when needed most, and then became so much more.

    If someone were to ask me to answer one simple question,
    About which single person in my life had an impact on me,
    Who lifted me up, changed my direction, and maybe saved my life.
    In the sum of all the people I’ve known…whom would that person be?

    Would that be a person who simply accepted and believed in me,
    And came to love and trust in me, for the person I truly am.
    A person who never came after me with the roar of a lion,
    But with the soft sweet touch of a mild and gentle lamb.

    Would it be a person who taught me things I didn’t know,
    And the instrument of correction was not a sharp pointed stick.
    Would this be a person to be the friend I’ve always wanted,
    And not a person with an agenda, wielding a smile and a trick.

    Many a person has touched our lives in such enormous ways,
    Been there for us, stood by our struggles, and was a friend for life.
    Maybe it was family, friends, or people known hardly at all,
    Or was there a mother, father, a husband or even a wife.

    But the person I speak of here will love me unconditionally,
    And the impact of that will surpass all things I’ve ever seen.
    In a lifetime of grief and oft times a path of stormy weather,
    A person to listen to me and understand exactly what I mean.

    Would it be a person I often thought was out there somewhere,
    Walking a much different life, learning what they will pass to me.
    Just as I have gathered along the way to also pass along,
    I know I have so often wondered where can this person be.

    To feel alone in a crowd of one thousand people,
    Is a sad and awful burden for any person to bear in mind.
    But to find the key to open that lock of lifelong misery,
    Will far exceed any other freedom you will ever find.

    Sooner or later when the Master has picked his chosen time,
    To show one or the other that a friend in need is a friend indeed.
    Only then will their paths cross, and one thing will be certain,
    That the person once bound will be unleashed and freed.

    Captain Ron 65

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