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The Demise of SCA-TV?

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    Rana Goodman

    Demise of SCA-TV?

    By: Dan Roberts

    I’ve been told that there are some major issues regarding SCA-TV. Whether it will continue and/or how it would now “look” is of no concern to me.

    I was once a member of SCA-TV and while I greatly enjoyed volunteering with the other SCA residents, the never-ending rules & regulations were (in my opinion) ridiculous. And it is now my understanding that residents/volunteers must now “sign” certain documents in order to participate.

    In any event, IF ANYONE enjoyed the video aspects but disliked the “politics” I am personally inviting each and every one to join our Vegas Voice Video/Podcast family.

    Our video “empire” started with a single camera utilizing empty (and not so empty) space at the Foundation Assisting Seniors offices and the New Song Church. We’ve now grown to multi-camera sets with all the bells and whistles.

    Our office/studio is located at Anthem Village Drive (behind Vibrant Dental and across the street from Vons) and besides our dedicated video studio, we now even have a separate podcast studio. And while SCA-TV appears to be on “life-support” our Vegas Voice videos/podcasts are expanding.

    Unfortunately, just like SCA-TV we have rules – but only 2:

    1: Only NICE people can volunteer AND

    2: You want to have FUN while doing so.

    If you are interested and can unconditionally abides by our rules, (but no signing requirement) please contact me. My phone number is 702/755-1255 and my email: We would be thrilled if you can join our “dysfunctional Vegas Voice family.”


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