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    This editorial is my opinion based on observations of what I have witnessed and observed in this community, Sun City Anthem.

    Recently, there are those who have volunteered in this community whom have lashed out at all those who remain on the sidelines and continue to watch the debacle of governance in our community.  Furthermore, many standing   committees are having more difficulty in attracting volunteers to fill vacancies on such committees or in official groups.  Do you wonder why?

    When SCA was managed by a management company for many years, they fell short of doing what they were being paid to do, but the underlying fault clearly fell upon the previous boards who did nothing to oversee the poor quality of work emanating from the company and not taking any action to correct that situation.  I personally do not think that a well thought out concept of self-management is bad, PROVIDING the lines are CLEARLY drawn to spell out the limitations of paid employees under self-management as long as they do not overstep the boundaries of impropriety and abusive treatment of those who pay their salaries-THAT IS YOU AND I who fund this association.

    Dictatorial boards are not new to this association, but the increase of self-righteousness, rampant abuse of homeowners, favoritism to those who kiss the board and standing committees’ proverbial backsides, sheer and unadulterated  arrogant attitudes and often breaking the laws of this state, have reached a new unprecedented high.

    I have said this before, and will continue to be vocal regarding using the coffers of SCA as their “own personal bank account”, which has reached a level of  obscenity.  A few examples are:

    The outrageous salaries and bonuses heaped upon certain employees.

    Frivolous usage of funds for their expensive outings to wine and dine as well as expensive lunches paid for by this association.

    Extremely secretive private meetings, even excluding certain fellow board members from some of those “executive sessions”.

    Allowing the Activities Department to be blatantly favored for dates and access to venues and advertising in the three centers ahead of clubs who are comprised of homeowners.

    Allowing abusive emails to be circulated against certain homeowners who are fighting for a better quality of life in our community.

    Not allowing homeowners with expertise in various fields to help administrationand the board make cost effective decisions.

    I daresay, that I have just scratched the surface of the many inequities and outrageous conduct by the board, some members of standing committees, and management in this community.  But in conjunction to what I have observed, is the relatively new legal counsel whom I have witnessed to be rude and totally out to feather his bank account with excessive legal fees.

    Lastly, where does management and the board get the right to RULE rather than GUIDE this community and treat the homeowners as serfs in their “self-proclaimed fiefdom?

    Some of the blame lies with weakened NRS laws when passed, often with loopholes or ambiguous language which leaves interpretation to the “good ole boys”, the legal beagles and their cohorts who often sit in our courts on the benches.

    As a friend recently said to me recently, “This state is so wired between the courts, politicians and attorneys, that to find honesty, compassion, and justice in a timely manner, is nearly impossible.  I am sure that the individuals that I have described     above, will be the first to criticize my assessment of governance in SCA.  I say to them, that perhaps you should look in the mirror first and see your own flaws and do a little soul searching.  Would you like to be the recipient of YOUR actions you have perpetrated on homeowners in this community?  I THINK NOT!

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