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    Sébastien, Carlos, David and Urs

    I have always been an aficionado of good music throughout my life.  I grew up in a home filled with classical, opera, and Broadway music.  To this day, I prefer these types of music when I am driving in my car.

    Having said that, last night was the crowning glory to date when I attended with a friend who has a similar background, the concert of a lifetime.  Ever since the genius of Simon Cowell put together four singers from four different nations as a crossover group, I have avidly followed their meteoric career and have missed only one of their concerts in the eleven years I have lived in Nevada.

    The group is non-other than IL DIVO.  The group is comprised of four fabulously talented men from four different countries who have risen to international fame since their inception in 2003.

    Carlos Marin-Spanish baritone

    Urs Buehler-Swiss tenor

    David Miller-American tenor

    Sébastien Izambard-French pop singer

    Il Divo is currently performing for a limited engagement at the Venetian Hotel.  Last night they played to packed theater and I felt like a yo-yo standing up for so many ovations to their extraordinary talent.  Each time I have seen their shows, they add some new element to their performance.  This time it was a very talented dance pair which was definitely a new dimension to their performance.  In addition, they honored the music of the man, Frank Sinatra.  When a member of the audience in the front row stood up and announced that Hugh Hefner had died, they sang a song in tribute.

    I could go on and on, but to simply say that anyone who appreciates great voices, a group that sings in several languages, whose performances are laced with humor and fun, this group should be on your bucket list.


    Patsy McCarthy

    I was that friend sitting next to you!  My Mom and I have enjoyed Il Divo on PBS for many years, but seeing them in person is an experience I shall never forget.  They sang for almost two hours, never leaving the stage.  PBS only shows an hour of their performance and you miss the best part.  You can see the deep friendship between the four singers, and the humor and personality of each of the   performers.  They have a wonderful audience interaction.  I also saw many SCA residents in attendance.  It shows we all appreciate good music with words we can understand!

    I saw my first Broadway show as a Community Theatre production when I was around nine and studied seriously for the Opera when I was older.  I saw my very first Broadway musical when I was eleven (and that starred none other then Katherine Hepburn).  My love for Opera and Musical Theatre has never diminished but last night was a highlight.

    If you are lucky enough to see this show you know what I mean….If you missed it, you missed something special.



    Margot Werner

    They are simply the very best. We saw them at the Palms this year and they were fabulous

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