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That Other Blogger Should Stop His Nasty Ways…It Harms Our Community

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    Written by Dick Arendt

    How dare that blogger make an attempt to destroy the character of a woman named Rana Goodman who, along with Dan Roberts, worked tirelessly to change Nevada Guardianship laws !

    She and Dan Roberts of the Vegas Voice…at their own expense…literally single handily changed the Nevada Guardianship laws in order that predators would cease robbing senior citizens of their dignity and financial futures, even receiving a special commendation from former Governor Brian Sandoval for their efforts.

    Why would that man do that?

    What Rana and Dan have accomplished together is amazing.

    The Vegas Voice is sent free of charge to I believe, somewhere near 40,000 homes in the Las Vegas valley.

    That publication is the sole remaining SUCCESSFUL publication of any senior content after all others were unable to survive.

    The success of the Vegas Voice is due to them and numerous individuals who  donate hours of their time each month writing articles, recording radio interviews, TV interviews and podcasts to inform seniors.

    That organization has sponsored shows; the most memorable of which I was honored to be a part of in 2014, called “The Spirit of ’45” celebrating those of The Greatest Generation, where over 1,200 individuals were treated free of charge, to local entertainers recreating the music of the war years,  at the former Henderson Pavilion.

    Even our Sun City Anthem Veterans Club participated in the production.

    All of this from a woman who immigrated from Great Britain in 1953 with her parents and made public service a part of her life since childhood and a man who had been recently widowed prior to that time, and suffered the pain of rubbing the wrong high ranking federal politician the wrong way.

    Did you know she and her parents spent hours in fund raising for the first Jewish temple in the Las Vegas valley?

    Did you know that Rana was also a former president of Whitney Ranch HOA for six years before she came to SCA?

    Did you know that Rana served for six years on the Henderson Senior Citizen’s Advisory Commission?

    Did you know that she, for years, took care of her mother before she passed away?

    Did you know that she loves animals as much as humans?

    Do you have any idea how much of her time and money she donates to good charitable causes?

    Now compare these amazing accomplishments to those of a blogger who, if you read his past articles, has used the power of the pen to:

    1. Make every attempt to destroy the merits of Mr. Fix-It, Forrest Fetherolf, a man who has tirelessly assisted more than most in our community for home repairs and advice.

    2. Tried to convince a woman to sue SCA by trying to blame the Woodchips Club for man’s tragic suicide?

    3. Tried to convince SCA to construct a min-golf course, saying it was “free” when in fact, the funds would have been taken from association reserves?

    4. Floated a survey and published a deceptive report that Rana should not have been reappointed to the Henderson Senior Citizens Advisory Commission when in fact, due to the Freedom of Information law, it was discovered that only 8 indviduals, (his personal friends)  signed it, one of which was a woman, who came forth and stated that her signature had been forged by her husband?

    5. Sued a resident for slander, eventually settling for a nuisance amount when the elderly man was informed that his homeowners insurance policy would defend him.

    And I won’t even mention the fabrication he made about me attacking him physically at Green Valley Ranch, only for him to have egg on his face, when I eventually disclosed that I was the one who was advised to file incident reports at both the casino and Henderson police by a member of the Green Valley security force who witnessed the event.  That quickly ended his rant.

    No folks, this guy must be ignored for ANYTHING that comes out of his publication regarding the vicious attacks he has made toward so many who have contributed so positively to our community, yet were, through jealousy and some unnatural need to be some kind of “big fish in a little pond”, harmed.

    His past in so many ways have proven to be a menace to our community.

    I strongly suggest that you closely examine his past articles as they pertain to some of those in our community who were viciously treated by his fabrications in order to destroy their good names.

    Then I suggest that you also read the positive articles he has written about many who have brought both substantial loss and embarrassment to our community, especially by those he supported for election to the SCA Board over the years.

    I urge all of you when it comes to this next BOARD election to speak to the candidates personally, examine their qualifications, and most importantly,look carefully as to whether they are the types of individuals who will work tirelessly to communicate their concerns in a kind, honest, and concerning manner where you yourself can decide if they will represent you in a neighborly way.

    Elizabeth Breier

    Thank you for a great article with succinct and definitive information.

    alan h

    I agree that “other” blogger is a menace to our community among other things. I don’t know how he has any status in oir community.


    It’s very simple, Alan.  Two of the current board members whom have acted very unprofessionally, and have demonstrated repeated rudeness, are feeding him information which he uses to distort, attack, and lie about people whom he thinks poses a threat to him. 

    alan h

    I guess we will have to wait for God to have his way with him! What did opry Winfrey say “old white people just need to die for things to change”.  Not sure if this will be nuked or not, but it’s her words.

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