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    Rana Goodman
    Keymaster writes:



    We are blessed to have the Revere Golf facility and restaurant in our neighborhood.  We need to help them stay in business, especially during the Covid time.  We saw this ad I attached on Nextdoor website about their Thanksgiving dinner pickup special.  We ordered it and if you are staying in town why not support them.  Think of what  our area would look like without those green fairways and landscape they maintain plus their great food many of us have enjoyed for years!
    Chef Shane took my order at 702-617-5783 and if you do it, tell him Bernie told you about it and you too want to support their restaurant in these difficult times.
    The meals are for 4 to 6 persons as you can see on the attached flyer.  You can share with family or friends, or freeze some for another day too.  How much easier does it get and you are helping a local neighborhood business?   Even if it doesn’t work for you, how about spreading the word about Buckman’s special to your friends so we can really show we appreciate having them in our community.
    Lennette and I wish you a great Thanksgiving as we remember all that we have, not what we are having to do without while waiting on the vaccine to end this difficult time.
    Wishing you the best,

    Bernie Horton

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