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    Rana Goodman

    Temper Tantrum or Rx Reaction?

    Many times, people can have strange reactions to medication prescribed to them by their physician. Reactions ranging from nausea, mood swings, aggressive behavior, etc.

    Such an incident took place in our community a while ago, resulting in the resident being initially banned for 90 days because he “acted out” due to a reaction to the dosage of his medication, which has now been corrected.

    Shortly after the community building ban, the resident received a letter from the HOA board’s attorney to attend a hearing with the board of directors, however a week or so prior to the hearing the resident was hospitalized to correct whatever was causing these reactions.

    The resident’s wife contacted the administration office to report that he would not be able to attend the hearing on the required date and why. The person who took the call said that it would not be necessary to attend anyway because a penalty had already been set.

    However, he subsequently received a notice that the hearing had been held without him and his penalty was a ban from all community property for 30 days.

    Since, by this time the 30 days had passed, he wrote a note to the attorney and inquired if he was not able to return to the centers. Six days have passed with no reply from the attorney.

    When he finally returned to the community building for some relaxation, he was approached by a man claiming to be “security” who placed his hand on the resident’s chest and told him to leave. When the resident pushed his hand away, the “security” person drew back his hand, balled into a fist, as if to throw a punch, then seemed to think better of it.

    I would have imagined that once the question of “a medical episode” had been raised some compassion or further investigation to make sure this was face, not fiction but it seems that was not to happen…..

    Just like many rigid judges, once the hammer is down truth nor justice won’t come to the common man/woman, only the lawyers, since they are above questions being asked…. Anyone else making waves would probably be punished by banishment too.


    Placing a hand on a person’s chest generally constitutes the crime of Battery, the unlawful touching of another without authority. Sounds as if the so-called “hearing” was just a formality to codify a fait accompli decision. They probably noted that the resident was given an opportunity to speak and address the BOD but was a “no show” thus closing the books.

    I would be concerned about the representative of the BOD (security???) touching a resident.

    bob miller

    All monitors should attend a special course in handling seniors when tempers are up. We are more fragile, and more apt to lose ourselves due to meds, and normal aging changes to the brain

    The BOD can probably easily find a consultant to train the staff. Putting one’s hand on someone’s  chest is taken as a hostile gesture by most people.  A person has a right in self defense to quickly remove the hand, usually by shoving the offending monitor back.  If the monitor with hand on chest of senior becomes offended into anger, the monitor can easily scrunch up their hand grabbing the senior tightly by the shirt and set them up for a blow with their other hand. After that you have a broken senior and a big time lawsuit with some jail for the monitor.  Violent crime committed to a senior is punishable by double the regular penalty for this assault.

    In addition, a monitor should not take seriously the words or actions of an out of control senior if the monitor acts as security. Working in a senior community is just more difficult, and one has to curb their emotions.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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