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    Rana Goodman

    In his annual SCA president’s report, Richard Pope spoke quite a bit about our board wanting to redefine the way the board functions, they want it to run like any large corporation…For example,  they are rethinking the need for board members to be liaisons to volunteer committees and basically, as I understand it, run SCA as a corporate board. The problem with that the “shareholders, that is you, me and 7,142 (not counting you and me)  are only being told what has been decided without any chance to weigh in.

    Connecting with we “shareholders” seems to have been cut out of the equation…. What happened to that particular board’s pledge, while running for office, of TRANSPARENCY?  It sounds to me that they have retreated back to “telling us” if indeed we are granted knowing, what has been decided, take it or leave it…. I’m so disappointed since I truly believed this group meant what they promised… It makes me think of some of my father’s edicts when he was in a foul mood and I dared to ask why. The response was always, “yours is not to reason why, your is to do as you are told”… WOW!

    Are they really cutting off board participation with we owners? Are we only allowed to communicate with management? Because that is exactly what it sounds like to me!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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