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     The following is my opinion on a subject that is important to all homeowners.


    When an individual takes the time to look up the wide variety of definitions for the word volunteer, there is very little variance among the definitions offered.


    1.  a person who voluntarily offers himself or herself for a service or undertaking.

    2. a person who performs a service willingly and without compensation.

    In our community, at least within the eleven years that I have lived here, I have seen the boards go from bad to worse.  Their mantra comprises the following:

    • I am not accountable to anyone.            
    • I am in charge, therefore I can do what I want.
    • I am in a position of entitlement, and therefore can vote anyway I see fit, homeowner be damned!
    • I owe nothing to the homeowners-no explanations as to how I spend their money. I am a volunteer, therefore I am automatically above reproach and am free to do what I want.
    • As a volunteer, that automatically entitles me to perks.

    I have often referred to most of the board as the “Seven Dwarfs” not in the context of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, but as:

    1.  Inept

    2.  Dishonest

    3.  Arrogant

    4.  Amoral

    5.  Selfish

    6.  Unqualified

    7.  Above The Law

    Allow me to go into details regarding the five issues I have highlighted above regarding many who volunteer to become a board member and also those who volunteer for a standing committee.

    1. Being a volunteer does not absolve one for being criticized for implementing any rule, regulation or expenditure that negatively impacts the homeowners and hurts them. They are oblivious to the fact that some homeowners do not have a command of English with its nuances to comprehend all that comes down from “the royals”.  They also seem equally oblivious to those homeowners who live on a meager incomes and can ill afford unnecessary increases in dues and ridiculous expenditures while their personal expenses keep rising as well for utilities, healthcare, medication and taxes.

    2. The repetitious edicts that “I am in charge and can vote and do what I want” simply mirrors what has plagued most board members in the past as well as present. That was the mantra of one infamous board president who managed to get us into the HOA Hall of Shame on channel 13.  From that point, “paradise” began to plummet downhill in ratings.

    3.  Voting amongst board members has reached a new low. Secret meetings among some board members with total disregard for homeowners rights and preserving financial stability has sailed out the window.  Treating a few board members as pariahs when they object to inane decisions only worsens the issues.

    4.  Not giving open and above board answers to homeowners who want to be informed as to how decisions are being contemplated and made and if they are violating HOA law, and expressing their opinions, displays sheer ineptness as to lack of understanding of the words fiduciary duty.

    5.  There is a board member who has run for the board in the past. I pointedly asked him why he was running. He said, “For the perks board members get”.  No further explanation is needed!!!

    The administrator of this web site and good friend, Rana Goodman, often says that, when many of these people get on the board, “they drink the Kool Aid”.  I respectfully disagree with her.  Being a student of human nature and acquiring a minor in psychology, these traits (a through g) were there long before they moved to this community and were there on some level all along.  It is when they obtain a position of power, they surface.

    There are many experts in various areas of management issues who live in our community, that should be consulted regarding insurance, renovation projects, landscaping, salaries, and construction etc. who are more qualified than the “seven dwarfs” to address these ongoing issues and analyze projects which would save the association money.  But the boards, both past and present, are way too arrogant and inept to ask for these valuable opinions.

    Has anyone ever noticed the commercial catering trucks outside of Anthem Center when the board is in executive session which are bringing them food on your money?  I have seen food delivered from the Cheesecake Factory and other pricey restaurants.  The board members do not pay for their meals-WE DO!!! Judging from the expansion of some board members’ derrieres, perhaps they should not be so free with homeowner monies.  I for one, never contracted to feed them just because they volunteer for a position of power or decide to have a private expensive dinner out to interview any potential employee.

    In conclusion, perhaps some of the “members of self-perceived royalty” should keep their mouths closed and only open them to change the position of their feet!!! (a common symptom of having “hoof and mouth disease”)    



    I must say I agree with you 100%.  I also read Dick Arendt’s post this morning and said “bravo” when I read it.  I have lived here almost 15 years and I have seen things go downhill with every elected board.  I have voted for board members I thought would be an asset to us and would help alieve some of the problems we have experienced for so many years only to discover after election I was dead wrong.  It seems that they completely changed after election once they were in the company of the idiot group of board members.  As Marcia has said to me privately, it’s time to take the gloves off and fight the corruption of our BOD.  We have a chance to elect at least one new board member who I think really can make a difference.  I urge you to vote for Nona Tobin if you have not already.  This an extremely intelligent and qualified woman that I believe will do the right thing.


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