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    Rana Goodman

    I know that quite a few people have spoken on Facebook  about being scammed while attempting to buy a Shih-Tzu puppy. It also happened to me, but being a fan of Judge Judy, I was finally able to quote some of her lines while attempting to inform the scammer I am not as stupid as he seemed to think.

    I had been communicating with a lady for about two weeks off and on regarding a puppy I wanted after loosing two dogs I had shared my life with for he last 13 years. They walked across The Rainbow Bridge within a few weeks of each other and I miss them like crazy.

    The person I had been communicating with, Carl Lorgan sent me photos and I chose the pup I wanted. When the time came to deliver my pup there was, Carl telling me of a death in her family and she was not able to deliver my pup that day but had hired a delivery service who would bring her out to me  and deliver my pup that same day.

    They did reach out, telling me that they would need to transport the pup in an air conditioned crate and I should choose to rent or buy from them. The price would be $700 to rent, $900 to buy.

    Not only was I not going to pay that kind of fee, I was also very uncomfortable with my pup being delivered that way. I sent a message to Carl Lorgan and said I was ready to jump in my car and drive where ever I needed to pick the little princess up instead. No response on that…. However Carl assured me that the $700 would be refunded to me when the transporting rental crate was returned.

    I sent a text back to the delivery company, Express Logisticx Delivery Agency, telling them that I would not pay $700 to rent the crate and that I wanted to drive where-ever they were, leaving immediately to get my puppy. I was told NO, I could not and they would “refund 97% of that money when the crate was returned.

    I told them, (first judge Judy quote) ” handing them $700 for rental until they arrived at my home and then handing it back made no sense and if something didn’t make sense, it was not true.” I would not pay it and this was the most obvious scam…… Of course he denied it so I told him, (next Judge Judy quote) “don’t pee up my leg and tell me it is raining!

    I knew then that there most likely was no puppy, and in spite of the pleasant conversations I had with Carl over those weeks I was fooled. I did then receive a series of private messages on Facebook from Carl telling me “go to CVS or Walgreens, get gift cards for the money you owe me and when I receive them along with the receipts I will meet you and deliver your puppy…..

    That did it…. From the SCAM series we have run in The Vegas Voice magazine, if they ask for gift cards… you know it is a scam….HANG UP THE PHONE…..

    I will admit I cried myself to sleep that night, I really wanted that beautiful puppy…. Not the photo of one, but the little girl I had spent days shopping for…. BUT, I will survive and will have barking in my home once again, one of these days.

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