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    Rana Goodman

    Above my fireplace I have a portrait of my family consisting of my daughters, son-in-law, grandchildren and myself, along with my daughter’s dogs, however at the time the picture was taken Dan was not part of my life and my grandchildren didn’t have a clue that a few short years later they would have families of their own……

    Looking at this month’s (October 23) The Vegas Voice Magazine, I spotted the following ad and it struck me as a great idea to have at our ages… a glamour portrait shot as we are today, something that I think most of us don’t think about.

    I know how I treasure the photos of the last years with my parents, they are so special to me and  how I would have cherished one of them taken before my dad’s health declined and he would no longer allow pictures to be taken.

    As for my mother, one of  my fondest memories is how important it was to her to never miss her weekly hair dresser’s appointment.  Without my dad she too would no longer pose for photos, thus, the only pictures of them to show my great-grandchildren are old snap shots.

    Guess what we are going to have done before many more years pass us by?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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