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    Rana Goodman

    The following was submitted for publication from a SCA resident.

    Comments regarding SCA Board Actions on July 22, 2021
    Approved Facilities and Landscape recommendation to the Board of
    Directors to develop a RFP for a consultant on the Solar Carports project to assist in clarifying objectives, reviewing various technical, structural, and
    financial options, refining cost estimates, and determining the Return on
    Investment (ROI), developing the RFP, educating the community, and
    serving as potential Project Manager for the eventual project should it go

    I am writing to you today regarding the apparent process being pursued as to the most expensive project the SCA has ever considered, Anthem Solar Carports.
    You may recall we had an extended telephone discussion in April 2021, part of that
    discussion was current matters regarding the Solar Carports. Specifically, you indicated as follows:

    1. The project is effectively “dead”.
    2. The upfront cost and debt service is beyond the wherewithal and need of SCA.
    3. No net expense/cash benefit would be realized for 10-12 years.
    4. The benefit for 50% or more of current residents would be zero, as they will die,
    move, or end up at assisted living facilities.

    Beyond the above, why would this Board consider such a large project without
    gaining the sense of the residents living at SCA before hiring a consultant or seriously
    considering this project.

    As far as I recall no member of this Board suggested this is
    what they would want to accomplish as Board members before being elected.
    Though all members indicated prior to being elected that resolving the Restaurant
    survey and the restaurant issue was urgent and the top priority.

    Now nearly 18 months after those promises, nothing has been accomplished as to the restaurant matter, no promised survey, no decision on the restaurant space. There are many other issues that have gone unresolved, I would hope this Board would focus on the current residents and their enjoyment for the next 10 years. In my opinion, there is no need to waste time and money on a consultant for this proposed Solar Carport.

    Peter Brown

    SCA Resident

    Martin Winger

    I absolutely agree with you, Mr. Brown.  We all have (well most) have parked where those solar cover’s were installed at hotels, motels, etc.  They are so tight to get in and out of because of the placement of the posts that are required of the project, ASIDE OF THE COST AND TECHNOLOGY INVOLVED.

    The poor babies that need this to “protect” their butts (put a towel on the seat), and the steering wheel is so hot (put a window cover in your car) to enjoy your rec center.

    Better than burdening everyone with your need to get that ridiculous cover is just to call Lyft or Uber for the really short ride to the rec center of choice as well.

    Problem solved!


    I would hope that the Sun City Anthem Board members will utilize the Spirit, SCA-TV, and eblasts to give an understandable explanation as to the suitability of such a project.
    You can’t judge a book by its cover, only its contents; and there are many aspects that require explanation and clarification.

    Martin Winger

    Well, well…a remarkable suggestion, and so succinct and to the point, how refreshing!

    Another consideration to this topic is:

    The technology for “solar panels” is running at such a rapid rate it needs someone (anyone here to respond) to make the choice and be sure they won’t be old tech when they are being installed?  Insane, isn’t it!

    Another item high on the list is:  The “BREAKOUT” or day that the cost of the entire installation or job for this type of work is between 11 to 15 years.  That means you finally pay off the cost of the installation. That means the installation will (or should) be paying for itself, barring any further maintenance…and you know there will always be maintenance!  How many of us will still be on this earth to enjoy that day?

    Note too, making solar panels is a very dirty industry, so to a great degree you make something horribly dirty that makes things cleaner…lol.  If anyone is interested in the report, let me know, and I’ll make sure you get it.

    Using solar panels to save on electricity is a fools game…  The only technology that tech is working on and will certainly be “the future” will be Fuel Cell or Hydrogen (sorry).

    BTW, on another note is the “other blogger,” is writing all about Solar Panel’s with data from the government.  Why?

    Bottom line (again), put the towel on the seat, cover in the window and save hundred’s of thousand’s of dollars.

    Martin Winger


    Excerpt from Military Times

    Solar Energy…Solar’s Dirty Little Secret Solar energy is touted as clean, however, The Associated Press has reported that many panel makers are grappling with a waste problem.

    Fueled partly by billions in government incentives, the industry is creating millions of solar panels each year and, in the process, millions of pounds of toxic sludge and contaminated water. To dispose of this material, thee companies must transport it by truck or rail far from their own plants to waste facilities hundreds and, in some cases, thousands of miles away.

    The fossil fuels used to transport that waste, experts say, is not typically considered in calculating Solar’s carbon footprint, giving scientists and consumers who use the measurement to gauge a product’s impact on global warming the impression that that solar is cleaner than it really is. A study by Environmental Progress (EP) warns that toxic waste from used solar panels now poses a global environmental threat.

    Last November, Japan’s Environmental Ministry issued a stark warning; the amount of solar panel waste Japan produces every year will rise from 10,000 to 800,000 tons by 2040, and the nation has no plans of disposing it. Neither does California, a leader in deploying solar panels.

    Only Europe requires a solar panel maker to collect and dispose of solar waste at the end of their 118 lives.* All of which raises the question: just how big of a problem is solar waste? EP investigated the problem to see how it compared to the much more high-profile issue of nuclear waste as well.

    They found;

    Solar panels create 300 times more toxic waste per unit of energy than do nuclear plants. While nuclear waste is contained in heavy drums and regularly monitored, solar waste outside of Europe today ends up in the larger global stream of electronic waste. This will also be a problem in the US, which has more than 1.4 million solar energy installations now in use, including many already near the end of their 25 year lifespan.

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