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    Rana Goodman

    Sign Me Confused!

    According to the City of Henderson Gaming Commission rules, the owner of a restaurant/bar must be the person that applies for a liquor license, which, says the City is what the board of directors (BOD) of Sun City Anthem (SCA) did as they prepare for the opening of the new Yorktown Grill.

    Now no issue there, the confusion come when the City of Henderson Business License department shows that the liquor license for Yorktown Grill was requested by WGP Revere, LLC dba Yorktown Grill.

    WGP Revere, LLC, a domestic liability company, managing member is Robert Heath in California, (who also own WHG, the company with whom SCA has contracted to operate the Yorktown Grill). So, what happens if we ever part ways with WHG if they own the license? The contract says that we will pay all expenses associated with transferring the liquor license.

    I do remember that “once upon a time” after Trumpets, the first restaurant in sun City Anthem left, SCA did own the license. So, did the then BOD sell that license or give it away to Vic’s?

    Since we are now self-managed wouldn’t it make more sense to form a LLC within SCA and have management handle it, isn’t that what we have an attorney for? I say I’m confused because my brain seems to work from a place of logic and this whole “boon-doggle” is just so illogical.

    My other question is why, after all these years and all the money wasted on various things, why the heck have we never fixed the issue of no separate meters for the utilities for the restaurant space? To me it just seems like “penny wise and pound or dollar foolish.” After all, without knowing what the actual expenses of the Yorktown Grill are  how will we ever really know how much we are making or losing?

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