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    Rana Goodman


    The Vegas Voice has uncovered an upcoming secret meeting that went out only to boards and community managers of large HOA communities to meet each quarter to talk over similar concerns and solutions to them.

    In addition, these meetings will also present up-to-date legislation so the “group” will be able to be heard by the legislators.

    The speakers at the “special secret meeting, who are presented as “experts in the fields of large associations with many amenities.” I find it odd that the speakers, 2 lawyers, and owner of a large management group, and 2 paid community directors .

    The topics being discussed are Harassment,  current issues and trends, and  “Rogue board members” . of which,there is no such thing, only the difference of opinions by the directors voting. So let us call them board members who disagree with some of the majority opinion.”

    Don’t you think it would make more sense to have a meeting of HOA owners so they can ask questions, voice their concerns, and be encouraged to write their legislators regarding up-coming legislation, their opinion and what they would like to see happen to their associations, rather than wait while everything is discussed in secret. We owners, who are “kept in the closet” are considered uninformed thus they must follow like sheep once orders from the likes of Adam Clarkson come down from above?



    You and I have served on other boards in the past and I for one, am not surprised what this present SCA board has and is doing.  The majority of them have personal agendas and have repeatedly demonstrated that they do not give a darn about the ramifications of their personal agendas negatively affecting the homeowners living here.
    Their selfishness, animosity and total disregard as how their actions will affect us, is blatantly apparent.  Their only interest in us is to utilize our monies in increasing dues, to finance their secret agendas.

    They couldn’t care less about our opinions and feelings and then have the audacity to label us as “troublemakers, liars, and enemies of this HOA, when in fact, they are the culprits.

    You and I have caught several of them in repeatedly lying about their backgrounds after researching them.

    Lastly, they are being controlled by our attorney and his minions.  Judging from what has been going on, as long as the majority of board members agree with him, he controls them.

    Rana Goodman

    This is a copy that Sandy, all other board members and myself received from Sun City Summerlin.

    Explain to me why this meeting is believed to be so secretive and nefarious in nature.  I am happy to share the invite with you.  I know nothing more about this event than what is described in the email.  I am happy to share this with anyone, but I would not think it worthy of an eblast either.  If you want to post this I am happy to give you my permission and I will promise to keep notes and write a report of the meeting for your readers.

    My best.

    Steve Anderson


     Sun City Summerlin – Lunch & Learn

    Sun City Summerlin Community Association

    Invites You to an Exclusive Lunch and Learn

    For Board Members and Managers of Similar Sized Communities To Share

    Information and Discuss Items of Mutual Concern


    Dear Sun City Anthem Association,

    Sun City Summerlin Community Association, Inc., Board President, Dick Clark invites you to a “Lunch and Learn”.  The goal is for Board members and community managers of similar sized communities to have an opportunity to meet at least four (4) times a year to discuss similar concerns and solutions and provide up-to-date information regarding pending legislation that could affect the day-to-day operation of our associations.  In forming this group, we hope to have a voice with legislators to make sure that new laws being considered will positively impact large associations with many amenities, and the people who live in these associations.  We anticipate that each luncheon meeting will feature speakers who are experts in the field of large community associations, a question-and-answer period and time for you to mingle with and ask questions of Board members from other participating Associations.

    When:         Monday, February 6, 2023

    Time:          11:30 am to 1:30 pm

    Where:        Summit Restaurant – 2215 Thomas W. Ryan Boulevard

    Cost:           Free

    Speakers:    Adam Clarkson, The Clarkson Law Group

    John Leach, Leach Kern Gruchow Anderson Song Law Firm

    Steve Parker, President, First Residential Service

    Mitzi Mills, Executive Director, Sun City Summerlin Community

    Topics:        Harassment, Rogue Board Members, Current Issues and Trends


    Stephen Anderson

    I would further add that Sun City Anthem had no part in the planning of this meeting as we had no knowledge of this event prior to the invitation being sent.  Sun City Anthem is not paying any costs associated with the meeting and we had no part in identifying any of the topics being discussed. Members of management and the Board will attend out of an interest of learning something that may be able to be beneficial to SCA.

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