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Senate Bill 417 affects Sun City

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    R. Westra

    I wanted to learn about this bill and how it affects everyone; board members, homeowners associations, management companies and homeowners.  Google this bill; it is always good to learn.

    This bill affects HOAs.

    Feel free to express yourself; that is the purpose of free expressions.  Express pros and cons of this bill. Please do not attack individual persons, employees, Board of Directors, and homeowners.

    Be brief and cover your ideas.  I want to hear from you on both sides of an issue; this is how we learn.  Thank you.

    R. Westra



    Rana Goodman

    Mr. Westra,

    Under normal circumstances the bill sounds like it would be a good improvement, don’t berate, abuse, attack staff, board members or other residents. That is already in NRS116. However, Adam Clarkson, our board’s attorney, is known to twist, manipulate and interpret the law to fit what he wants it to say. He has added fines and penalties to the bill that would mean, for a person who speaks their mind, and maybe they are really angry at the time, they argue too loudly, or use words they should not, it “could” be used to charge assault. Don’t think it couldn’t because charges of assault have been raised here when, as I personally witnessed, was simply a tap on the shoulder.

    Adam Clarkson, who is given the job by our board, of approving our candidates for the board by deeming if they qualify or not, uses manipulated “missteps” as reasons to say they don’t qualify. In the two cases I am aware of, the candidate challenged Clarkson and he immediately backed down.

    The very idea of seeing “his” bill draft pass the legislature give me chills and we can all only hope it will not pass since it seems, without a resident friendly board majority we are stuck like mice in mud!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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