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    Rana Goodman

    I have felt from the onset that SCA going to self-management was a big mistake, I have never wavered from that belief and, as is anyone, I am entitled to my opinion. I have never been more steadfast in that opinion than I am now.

    Most of the people who often read what I post also know my opinion on the boards (plural) that have been elected to steer SCA, there has not been one that has been a “bright light” in my opinion. I have always looked for “a resident friendly” board and we have yet to see it, although many, while campaigning say that is how they will serve.

    Let me tell you what is now being demanded of clubs under the reign of GM Sandy Seddon, in comparison to other communities around the Las Vegas Valley;

    SCA:  Any club bringing in a speaker or vendor to perform or entertain must deliver to the administration office a liability insurance policy of $1 million dollars naming SCA as the insured. They must deliver a business license for the vendor along with the signed contract for their services.

    Keep in mind, entertainers are usually working job to job. I don’t know ANY that have a business license. That means the club needs to produce the show However when the Entertainment Club president tried to book our May show we were told she could not, we needed a producer since the club came under the association tax i.d. (O.K. why is Performing Arts producing their own show and Entertainment Club cannot?)

    We then had Dan Roberts, (my other half) sign our contract and that was when Ms. Seddon started to have fun with us.

    When it was pointed out that the City of Henderson does not require a business license for a person who only does business in Henderson a couple of times per year, Ms. Seddon demanded that the club go to the city before each event and get that determination on a city letterhead in writing.

    Here is another problem with that edict. Let us say a Club is bringing in a speaker who is charging $250, next add the cost of the insurance.  The charge to the resident or club members is usually based on the cost of the event for food and entertainment, now it will have to incorporate the extras, like the insurance, insisted by administration which can be an additional $500, will smaller clubs be able to afford that?  Now add on the fee for two security guards, $100 each and they must be from the activities office. Who are we protective attendees from? In the past the chartered club’s insurance always fell under SCA’s insurance, why has that stopped?

    Now we are up to $700 in expenses that were not needed, passed along to our residents before we can open the doors… Thank you Ms. Seddon.

    Compare this to other HOAs that I personally have been working with around the Las Vegas Valley, NOT ONE has asked for insurance or licensing. NOT ONE has given us the 10-day restriction on placing an advertising poster at their clubhouse. And as important, ALL have welcomed our set-up crew and performers with a friendly attitude. They placed cold water in their  “green room” for the performers and they were made to feel like guests as they walked through the door. Believe me, it made them want to be booked at those venues again.

    Mention SCA to these same performers and after “the face” the attitude is, they will work a show for our club and our crew but that is it.

    My opinion: The board has allowed our GM to make policy and Rex Weddle, our board president up to the end of April 2017 stated that at the April 27 board meeting. I feel that is a very dangerous thing. She was hired to manage the community not make policy . Policy is the job of the board. We can only hope that the new board, with at least the 3 new members will have smarter heads and shake things up since the GM, and her second in command, Lori Martin are on a power trip that I believe is leading us down a very destructive path


    Every Chartered Club will now have an even more difficult time recruiting volunteers for their Board of Directors or even helping out with events.  We have a difficult time now but I feel our GM is going to make it impossible.  The next step for any of these Chartered Clubs is to disband.  How would you like to be without the wonderful entertainment the Entertainment Club brings to our doorstep?  Or, what if our largest club (Women’s Club) ceased to exist?  These new rules and regulations from Lifestyle Committee and our GM, whose only job should be to manage not dictate, affect every single person in Sun City Anthem.

    I agree with Rana, I have lived here 14 years and I have not seen one single resident friendly board.  Oh, they all make promises and we believe and vote for them, but I’m afraid the “power genie” takes over when they are sworn into office and the new members become mesmerized by the fact that they have so many people under their control.  This isn’t the place I dreamed of moving to many years ago.  Had I had any way to know what was to become of the quality of life I would have certainly not spent a great part of my retirement funds on a home here.

    Like you, I live on a fixed income….some of us are more “fixed” then others, but Social Security and diminishing investments affect many of us.

    The Entertainment Club vowed from the very beginning to bring you professional entertainment at reasonable prices and we have kept that promise.  Our shows have always been only $15 for members, the only exception being our dinner/show gala in December which we have kept at $30 for members, and membership is only $10 annually.  Look at the prices Anthem management charges for their professional shows.  Seems like a ripoff to me.


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