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    Rana Goodman

    Another web site, Anthem Opinions, on Sunday published an editorial outlining some outrageous (stretching of the term) “management” actions of our new GM, Sandy Seddon. It was a well-done piece that drew lots of comments from his readership, but I don’t think he went quite far enough. Many things have changed in this community since Mrs. Seddon took command, not for the better in my opinion. As I wrote some time ago, volunteers need a purpose and since the GM came into our lives, she has removed that purpose from many of our volunteers who were employed, and were committee members here. For many more of our retired but active residents, she is just getting started.

    Her edicts have changed the way many of our events now function. When presenting anything to the residents here that is for more than members only, extra rules apply. For example; security guards must be hired for any event open to more than members only. Not just any security guards, they must be hired through the activity office at a fee of $100 each. The event making me aware of this rule was a Safety Fare presented by The Vegas Voice. The “exhibitors” with items such as the Yellow Dot program, which is a

    system to show first responders, should you be in a vehicle accident how, and who to contact for you. There were also representatives from the fire department, AAA, police department and Alarmco…. Oh yes, SCA was really in jeopardy and needed security guards.

    I’m wondering if the up-coming Movie on the North Lawn is going to have security guards, after all some seniors might decide to hold hands! Charles Schwab is providing refreshments, check the stock reports, you might be able to do some business at the same time.Another rule the Entertainment Club was hit with, a liability insurance policy must be purchased with one-million-dollar umbrella in the event someone stubs their toe. Another $300 or $400, plus the cost of any food and/or the entertainment the club is going to offer. (Do you feel the choke collar getting tighter?)

    If you check the facilities manual, which by the way is marked that the board approved it in 2016 (Rex Weddle says they did not.) Mrs. Seddon decides if rooms are to be charged for when it comes to non-profits or community service speakers.

    About finances; at meetings, each time the question has been asked about Mrs. Seddon’s bonus and why she received it so soon after arriving in Anthem, the reply was that she saved the association so much money by starting work so early etc. My follow-up question would be; why then did she spend so much money on legal fees to avoid returning $500+ to Norman McCullough from a wrongly-charged board action several years ago.

    McCullough spent several years fighting with numerous SCA boards to get a refund of that money so the legal fees must not have been small. That goes under the heading of “penny wise and pound foolish” on all sides. No one’s time and energy was worth what those people put into the fight over $500 plus dollars, so a GOOD manager with an eye out for saving the communities money, would surely have put an end to it.





    Some residents might wonder why our Manager (Sandy Seddon) and the Association’s Lawyers were not here on May 27, 2016 in the afternoon. They were attending an Arbitration and Mediation meeting at 1:00 pm on that day. It didn’t go very well and because it failed I was given permission to seek Justice in the Civil Courts (including the Small Claims Courts)

    It all started in April of 2011 when I filed an NRED complaint (IS-11-2397) against then Board Member Roz Berman for not correcting the record when I was falsely charged by Board Member Jack Troia of violating a “Code of Conduct. I complained against Roz Berman when I found out that she KNEW that the “Code of Conduct” had been removed when her husband had TWO complaints from TWO different woman against him. On April 14, 2011 I received a letter from NRED that informed me that The Compliance Section does not have Jurisdiction and they suggested that I initiate a Alternate Dispute Resolution process which I did.

    After a lot of hassling with our Board and their legal staff finally on March 28, 2016 I was notified by a State Mediator that an Arbitration Meeting was being scheduled. That is the why and wherefore that took up the time of our new manager Sandy Seddon on May 27, 2016. She knows all about Roz Berman and her husband that had TWO Code of Conduct Complaints filed against him when she voted to eliminate it. She also knows that Jack Troia falsely claimed that I had violated that Non-Existent Code.

    I wonder why this information is not published on our SCA Website?



    It appears that the following is another example of spending more and more of homeowner funding to contain a situation which never should have occurred.



     Board Executive Session Re: FAS

    An agenda for a Board of Directors Executive Session has been posted on the Association website,

    The Executive Session will be held at 11:00 a.m. on Thursday, April 20, at the offices of the Association’s legal counsel, Leach Johnson Song & Gruchow.

    The single item on the agenda reads as follows:

    LEGAL (Action may be taken)

    A. Discussion and possible action regarding extension of time for Foundation Assisting Seniors to vacate space and threatened litigation related thereto.

    Martin Winger

    Get ready folks.  The new “Queen” of Anthem (QA), will surely bring us to our knees.  She’ll make Bella Meese look like a cheap skate.  I love the comment about the re-do of the Rec center costing more than 2 houses.

    Geez, another restaurant debacle.  Of course we need two on going issues to muddy the waters.  Slick, isn’t she, so get ready for the ride.


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