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    Rana Goodman

    By Steve Anderson

    President’s report May 2023

    Welcome to the beginning of a new Board year.  I want to recognize our newest members of the SCA Board of Directors – Rick Ernest, Pam Williams, and Bruce Stanley.  I also want to thank all Board members for their support in once again electing me as President of the Board.  Also, I want to acknowledge our new Vice-President, Barry Rubinson, our new Secretary, David Meredith and our continuing Treasurer, Greg Swenson.

    This will be a busy year in which the Association will:

    1. Open the restaurant.
    2. Unveil the newly refurbished theater.
    3. Complete the long-awaited new pickleball courts at Liberty Center.
    4. Upgrade infrastructure related to a more robust management information system and website.
    5. Develop a Communication Service Committee with the aim of providing more up-to- date communication with residents about what is going on in the community.

    The Board will be involved in

    1. The development of the 2024 budget – Please note the budget development timeline and note when we will present the budget for resident input.
    2. The review of the new Reserve Study
    3. Planning-There is an overall need for strategic planning and capital project planning. We simply need to better understand where we are headed in the future and to anticipate needs, improvements, and replacements for more effective budgeting.
    4. Sports Courts – On Tuesday the Board went on a field trip to personally review the status of the sports courts at Liberty and Anthem Centers. These courts were built with asphalt and a number of them are now cracking. The Board recognizes that we need a plan for both minimal repair and a phased approach to replacement. Patching is costing us in the neighborhood of $50,000 to $70,000 per year, and we know that by ignoring the problems we could well end up with closed courts.
    5. Space needs – we are running out of space and many staff are in less than adequate office spaces. Further, we have a growing number of requests for more space for groups such as the performing arts clubs, Community Patrol and Woodchips. As part of space planning, we need to review if there is any use for the unused information building located just south of the entrance to Anthem Country Club.
    6. Working with the Pinnacle Advisory Group and the Villa Neighborhood Representatives to plan and move forward with major reserve projects.

    Overall, I see this year as completing projects initiated by past boards and to work on developing a robust plan for the replacement of major community assets and new amenities.  All of us are committed to maintaining and creating value for the community.  As we begin a new year, please attend our meetings, come to the special-topic community forums, volunteer to serve on one of our committees, and attend Town Hall meetings. Please reach out to members of the Board or to management and we will be happy to answer your questions.

    Last, I want to take time to provide a reminder and a comment on this coming Memorial Day weekend. For many it is a time to enjoy a day off, shop Memorial Day sales and celebrate the unofficial start of summer by gathering with friends for barbeque and beer.

    Memorial Day had its beginnings in 1868 when General John Logan, the commander of the Union veterans’ group known as the Grand Army of the Republic, decreed that May 30 should be a nationwide day of commemoration for the more than 630,000 soldiers killed in the Civil War. This day of commemoration was first known as Decoration Day. By 1890 every former state of the Union had adopted it as an official holiday. For more than 50 years, the holiday was used to commemorate those killed just in the Civil War. With the entry of the US into WWI, the tradition was expanded to include those killed in all wars.  For decades, Memorial Day was observed on May 30. In 1971 Memorial Day became an official federal holiday and was moved to the last Monday in May.

    Memorial Day honors all of the men and women who have died on the battlefield or from battle-born injuries while serving in the US military. It is a somber holiday with many traditions including parades, the wearing of red poppies, and decorating the graves of those killed on the battlefield with American Flags. American flags are to be flown at half mast until noon on Memorial Day and then raised to full staff.  May we all remember and give honor to those members of the US military who have died in battle and may we all pause for the National Moment of Remembrance at 3 pm local time.

    Stephen C. Anderson, President

    Sun City Anthem Homeowners Association



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