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    Rana Goodman

    SCA Neighborhood Watch Program Resident Update – July 15, 2023

     By Don Manning

    Neighborhood Watch Service Committee Leadership Team:

    In early 2023, the SCA Board of Directors decided that all the service groups (EPSG, CP, NWP and CSG) were required to organize as “Service Committees” to be consistent with the SCA CC&Rs. These groups were required to prepare a Charter and obtain approval of this Charter by the SCA Board of Directors. In April 2023, the SCA Board of Directors approved the Neighborhood Watch Program Charter to function as the “Neighborhood Watch Service Committee”.

    One of the conditions in the Charter of the NWSC is that we form a Leadership Team, equivalent to a Board of Directors.  This Leadership Team will consist of four officers and five at-large members.

    Nine volunteers have stepped up serve as the new NWSC Leadership Team: Randy Buck (Desert Sky); Randall Conkright (Fairway); Ken Gonzales (Mountain View); Lennard Grodzinsky (Model); Joanne Joyce (Canyon Crest); Don Manning (Big Sky); Mike Messenger (Westridge); Cathey O’Connell (Overlook); and David Stroud (Ridgecrest).

    Many thanks to these folks for stepping up! Without them, we would not be able to continue the Sun City Anthem Neighborhood Watch Program.

    Confirmation of this NWSC Leadership Team will be by vote of the 23 SCA villages in late July. If anyone is aware of another SCA resident who wants to be listed on the ballot to serve on the NWSC Leadership Team, please inform Don Manning as soon as possible.

    Crime Report through July 15:

    The year 2023 continues to have very low criminal activity! Through July 15 we have had only seven burglaries or attempted burglaries, and no crimes on vehicles parked outdoors have been reported. Criminal groups will certainly increase their activity in the summer months, when vacationers and “snowbirds” are away from their homes. See the notes below on “Secure Your Home for Summer Travel” and read the June Spirit article about precautions to take when you are away from home. As always, if you “See Something, Say Something”: Call 311 for suspicious activity, call 911 for a crime in progress or a threat to personal safety.

    Unwanted Solicitors: We recently had a situation in Tall Mesa Village where individuals who were soliciting for window washing services were obnoxious and suspicious.  The resident called 311.  Here is a summary of the HPD response, as summarized by HPD Officer Alejandro (Alex) Alcantara.

    HPD officers contacted subjects who worked for a window washing company. I looked up the company and they are not local. It is common for out of state/city companies to send employees to solicit their services. Officers had no probable cause to arrest anyone and told them to move along, which they did. Good for the reportee not opening the door, and letting them know someone was home by acknowledging and challenging them.

    Please note the last sentence, which says let them know someone is at home, but do not open the door.

    Soliciting is legal in Henderson but they must have a Henderson business license. Ask to see the license

    specific Nevada statute NRS 207.200 can be purchased stores on the Internet from stores such as MySecuritySign at:

    On-street parking of any type of vehicle in Sun City Anthem, which has public (non-gated) roadways, is completely under the jurisdiction of the local police traffic control department. On-street parking restrictions in the Henderson City Ordinances are enforced by the Henderson Police Department. These ordinances prohibit on-street parking of vehicles without current registration or inoperable vehicles, and limit on-street parking to a maximum of 72 continuous hours for all vehicles.

    Thanks for being “Neighbors Looking Out for Neighbors” and helping to keep Sun City Anthem safe! Learn more home security tips on the SCA website at , under Community / Neighborhood Watch.

    Don Manning, Leader

    Sun City Anthem Neighborhood Watch Program







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