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    Rana Goodman

    SCA Neighborhood Watch Program
    Newsletter for March 15, 2024

    By: Don Manning,  Chair, Sun City Anthem Neighborhood Watch Program

    SCA Neighborhood Watch Program participation continues to increase! We ended 2023 with 5,360 homes (75%) participating, compared to 5,235 on 12/31/22. We have seen a steady increase over the years. At the end of 2018 our participation was 4,562. We have several programs underway to increase NWP participation even more — our long-term “stretch” goal is 80%! Burglaries in 2024 remain low — only two burglaries to date.

    On January 11 a burglar smashed through a glass door in Southridge Village. A burglary occurred in Tall Mesa Village on February 29, but the police report is not yet available. We had 10 burglaries in 2023, and averaged 24 per year for 2018-2022. See Something, Say Something! Call 311 for suspicious activity, or call 911 for a crime in progress of personal safety threatened.

    NWP Village Facilitators Meeting: The first of two 2024 meetings of all the Village Facilitators will be held on March 20 from 1:00 – 3:00 pm in the Arlington Room. Lennard Grodzinsky will lead a discussion on Moving to New Technology, which will cover the new NWP master database format and a new NWP Resource Directory.

    The new format will be much more user-friendly, will contain much more usable information, and will be compatible with the numbering of all blocks in SCA. Lennard has also created the NWP Document Resource Center to consolidate and organize the many NWP documents that are created and referenced, a place where all important NWP files can be stored, including documents, videos, and photos. The agenda is “in the mail”. This is an important meeting. If you cannot attend, Zoom will be available.

    Two NWP Ad Hoc committees are proceeding:1) The Committee to Re-engineer the NWP Annual Meeting has reduced the number of meetings from 5 to 2, with a Spring Safety Event (May 17) and a Fall NWP Safety Event (October 2). Cathey O’Connell and Joanne Joyce are leading this committee.

    2) The Committee to Welcome New Residents is implementing a pilot program in Black Mountain Village to ensure we welcome new residents and sign them up for the NWP. The first phase was conducted in early March, with a direct mailer to new residents whose contact information we don’t have.

    This committee is addressing our concern that many new SCA residents are not being welcomed into the community and signed up for the NWP in a timely manner. Cathey O’Connell and Joanne Joyce are also leading this committee.

    2024 NWP Village Annual Meetings: MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Neighborhood Watch will be hosting two large NWP Annual Events this year —

    a Spring Event on May 17 and a Fall Event on October 2. They will be held in the Anthem Center Grand Ballroom from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm. These will be much larger affairs than previous years, with special speakers and attractions.

    On May 17 our featured speaker will be HPD Chief Hollie Chadwick. We will also have the HPD K-9 Unit and an HPD SWAT Vehicle for all to inspect. In addition, Danny Cordero will give his popular presentation on Personal Safety and Situational Awareness. All SCA residents will be invited to attend. Seating will be limited to 350, so reservations will be required. Scan the QR code below to make a reservation.

    The “Disoriented Neighbor We have had situations where a resident encountered someone wandering in the neighborhood, seemingly lost, disoriented, and needing help. One case was an old woman who was out in the cold without appropriate clothing. What should the resident do? The following is based on a discussion with Officer Erin McQueen of the Henderson Police Department Crisis Response Team:

    If the situation is non-threatening and you feel comfortable doing so, ask the person if they need help and assist them in getting home safely.

    Call 311 if you don’t feel comfortable talking with the person, are concerned about the person’s well-being, or need help in getting the person home.

    Call 911 if there is a safety concern or danger to the person or you.

    If a stranger rings your doorbell, do not open the door. Talk with the person through the door, and call 311 if help is needed. Call 911 if they become erratic or belligerent.

    If you are concerned about the well-being of a neighbor, call Nevada Aging and Disability Services at (702) 486-6930, or go to their website:

    Advise your SCA Neighborhood Watch block captain or village facilitator about the situation. They can then advise SCA NWP leadership so that the community as a whole can be made aware.

    The NWP webpage on the SCA website has been updated and has a great new look. Check it out at: under Community/Neighborhood Watch Thanks for being “Neighbors Looking Out for Neighbors” and helping to keep Sun City Anthem safe!

    Don Manning, Chair, Sun City Anthem Neighborhood Watch Program
    (702) 614-5819

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