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    Rana Goodman

    SCA Neighborhood Watch Program
    Resident Update – February 15, 2024

    By Don Manning

    2024 NWP Village Annual Meetings: MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Neighborhood Watch will be hosting two large NWP Annual Meetings this year — a Spring Event on May 17 and a Fall Event on October 2.

    They will be held in the Anthem Center Grand Ballroom from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm. These will be much larger affairs than previous years, with special speakers and attractions. On May 17 our featured speaker will be HPD Chief Hollie Chadwick.

    We will also have the HPD K-9 Unit and an HPD SWAT Vehicle for all to inspect. In addition, retired police officer Danny Cordero will give his popular presentation on Personal Safety and Situational Awareness. All SCA residents will be invited to attend. Seating will be limited to about 300, so reservations will be required.

    Burglaries in 2024 remain low — only one burglary year to date. The burglar smashed through a glass door, but ran away when the owner returned. Lessons: laminate on glass surfaces is a good layer of protection,  along with other layers (lighting, video, security doors, Rolladen shutters, guard dogs, etc.). Also confirms that burglars do not want to confront a homeowner, so make it known that someone is at home if someone rings the doorbell or bangs on a window or door at night. “See Something, Say Something” — call 311 for suspicious activity or 911 for a crime in progress or personal safety threatened. Although we are a very safe community, vigilance and precautions are still needed.

    NWP Village Leadership: It is critical for the vitality and effectiveness of the SCA Neighborhood Watch Program that we replace NWP village leaders who “retire”. The key NWP positions are the village facilitators. We are very fortunate that the following volunteers have stepped up to lead the
    Neighborhood Watch Program in their villages:
    • Meadow Vista – Jo Ann Betty
    • Black Mountain Village Section 2 – Gail & Paul Dempsey
    • Black Mountain Village Section 4 – Laurene Kelly
    • Valley View Village – Jim Cosares

    Welcoming New Residents: An Ad Hoc committee, led by Cathey O’Connell and Joanne Joyce, is
    addressing our concern that many of our new SCA residents are not being welcomed into the community and signed up for the NWP in a timely manner.

    We have created a database of all new residents in the past two years who have not signed up for the SCA NWP. We will organize teams to be sure they are welcomed to our community and signed up for the NWP.

    Residential Knox-Boxes are installed over the top of a home’s front entry door and hold one key (provided by the resident) that allows Fire Department personnel easy and rapid entry into the residence. Only the Henderson Fire Department can access the Knox-Box with a key that is securely located in the fire engine.

    If an emergency arises, the responding crews can access the Knox-Box and retrieve the house key without having to force entry or wait for a key holder to arrive. To purchase a Residential Knox-Box go to:

    The Knox HomeBox™ Model 1501DH is currently listed at $231. After receiving
    your Knox-Box in the mail, bring it to the neighborhood fire station for key placement inside box. For more information, contact Henderson Fire Department Administration at 702-267-2222.

    The NWP webpage on the SCA website has been updated and has a great new look. Check it out at:
    Neighborhood Watch | Sun City Anthem (

    Thanks for being “Neighbors Looking Out for Neighbors” and helping to keep Sun City Anthem safe!
    Don Manning, Leader, Sun City Anthem Neighborhood Watch Program

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