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    Rana Goodman

    SCA Neighborhood Watch ALERT

     We have had many cases in recent weeks where residents heard a banging on a door or a window late at night.  This can be potential burglars trying to find out if anyone is at home.  In these situations, it is important to make noise, turn on lights, or otherwise indicate that someone is at home.  Do not go outside!  Call 911.  

    The same is true for knocking during the day — let them know someone is at home! Having a video doorbell allows you to see who is there and safely talk to them through the doorbell. Keep lights on timers, keep TV or radio on if away.

    Henderson Police Department Home Security & Safety Seminar Reservations are running strong for the Henderson Police Department’s “Home Security & Safety” seminar (July 12 from 3:00 – 4:30 pm in the Delaware Room). To sign up, go to Home Security & Safety Class ( . Officer Alex Alcantara, our local HPD Neighborhood Resource Officer, will be the presenter.  This should provide valuable insights into what crimes are occurring, and what precautions we can take.

    2022 Neighborhood Watch Program Annual Meetings

    This year’s Neighborhood Watch annual village meetings will be held in the Delaware Room at Anthem Center from 4:00 – 5:30 P.M.  The tentative village schedule is:

    October 6      Big Sky, Golf Mesa, Meadow Vista, Overlook, Ridgecrest

    October 11      Desert Sky, Pinnacle, Shadow Canyon

    November 1    Canyon Crest, Tall Mesa, Westridge

    *** November 14    Arroyo Vista, Black Mountain, Clubhouse, Fairway, Foothills, Hillside

    December 6    Southridge, High Mesa, Highlands, Model, Mountain View, Valley View

    If any village has a problem with their date, please advise Joanne Joyce or Don Manning. The main speakers will include the Henderson Police Department, SCA Community Patrol, and SCA Emergency Preparedness Service Group. Let us know if you have any suggestions for speakers.

    The City of Henderson “Residential Alarm Activation/Response” procedure

    This will be of interest to residents who have a residential alarm system in place (such as ADT).

    In summary, the Henderson PD will respond when verification of a crime-in-progress occurs by:

    1) Security officer on scene verifying a crime-in-progress or a crime has occurred.

    2) A live video feed verifying a crime-in-progress

    3) A live audio feed verifying a crime-in-progress

    4) Verification that a crime is in progress through contact with a person at the location.

    In all other cases, the alarm company bears the responsibility of responding to the commercial or residential locations with which they have contracted service

    Water Waste – See Something, Do Something

    Lake Mead’s water level has declined 150 feet since 2000, including 20 feet in May 2020. The most beneficial step to conservation is reduced outdoor water use. A key recommendation is to manually run your dripper cycle and check for blown heads and leaks. Keep an eye out for and report blown dripper heads and leaks to your neighbors so they can repair them. If a house is vacant and you observe a water leak, try looking up the address in the Resident Directory to contact the homeowner. Check with the SCA Security Patrol to see if they are in the Reverse Directory.

    If no luck, check the City of Henderson Water District page for guidance on how to report a suspected leak. As a last resort, call 311 to report a leak during weekends. And, finally, if you’ve experienced a leak…the City of Henderson has a “leak forgiveness” program designed to help you and ensure that leaks get repaired. Check their website.

    Be safe!

    Joanne Joyce & Don Manning

    Co-Leaders of the Sun City Anthem Neighborhood Watch Program


    Rana Goodman

    Analysis of Crime in Sun City Anthem through June 2022

    Henderson is rated the second-safest large city in America. Many thanks to our Henderson Police Department and our Neighborhood Watch Program volunteers!  Even better, our SCA crime rate is only a quarter of Henderson’s. In SCA, the annual likelihood of any home experiencing a crime is less than half of 1%.


    ·        Through 6 months of 2022 we have had 13 burglaries and 3 thefts for our 7,144 homes.  For comparison, we had 17 burglaries in all of 2021.  Burglaries are up in 2022!

    Where did the crimes occur?

    ·        The 13 burglaries occurred in Canyon Crest (4), Tall Mesa (3), and 1 each in Big Sky, Foothills, Golf Mesa, Hillside, Pinnacle and Westridge.

    ·        The 3 thefts were: Theft of wallet at an evening event at Anthem Center, a vehicle break-in at Anthem Center parking lot, and the theft of iPhone from the gym at Anthem Center.

    When did the crimes occur?

    ·        Three of the burglaries occurred when the owner was out of town.

    ·        The rest occurred when the residents were out for local trips, often as brief as 20 minutes, during the afternoon or evening hours.

    How did the crimes occur?

    ·        Five were through the front door

    ·        Five were through windows

    ·        Three were through the sliding-glass door.

    ·        A crowbar was often used

    Lessons Learned!

    ·        INSTALL VIDEO MONITORING, ESPECIALLY A VIDEO DOORBELL!  There was no video monitoring in place, except for one case where it deterred the burglars.

    ·        KEEP VALUABLES AND GUNS IN A SECURE SAFE!  In all cases, stolen valuables and guns were not stored in a secure safe or other secure areas.

    ·        DO A HOME SECURITY CHECK: SCA website under Home Security Tips, HPD come to your home to do a checkup, follow the checklist by HPD.


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