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    Rana Goodman

    Written by:

    Don Manning


    Thank you Don Manning for this informative watch alert

    BURGLARY ALERT Sun City Anthem has experienced four burglaries in the past four days! Please be alert and take the necessary precautions outlined below

    All occurred between 6-9 pm when folks were out for the evening. Be alert to whether someone may be watching when you leave for the evening.

    Have a video doorbell so you can know if someone knocks on your door when you’re not at home (to see if anybody is at home).

    Have all your entry points secure, even for a short time away.

    View the “Home Security Tips” on under Neighborhood Watch.

    All homes are on or near the golf course Ample exterior lighting and backyard security cameras and alarms are good precautions when there is easy, obscured access to the rear of the home.

    There were vacant or dark houses on either side Encourage absent neighbors to have timed interior and exterior lights and other indications that the home is occupied.

    Alarms were not activated in two cases What can be said here? Activate your alarms, even if out for a short time!

    Targets are guns and jewelry SECURE THEM, either in an immovable, locked safe or in an obscure hiding spot. • Entry was at a window / slider / door at the back or side of the home Secure your windows and doors — a couple of windows were not secured.

    Security film on sliders. And lock them, of course. A couple of windows were not locked! View the “Home Security Tips” on under Neighborhood Watch.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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