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    Rana Goodman


    2022 SCA crime summary through July

    By Don Manning/Neighborhood Watch

    July was the worst month ever for burglaries in Sun City Anthem, by far! We had 8 burglaries, or attempted burglaries, as shown below:

    Village                       Street                                        Date       Time             Entry

    Ridgecrest          2500 block of Hardin Ridge Drive    7/1/        9:30 PM    window

    Foothills             2500 Block of Forest City Drive   7/11/                     vacant unknown

    Big Sky               2900 Block Foxtail Creek Ave     7/14/          8:00 PM        garage door

    Meadow Vista    2200 Block Diamondville St.        7/15/                 vacant front door

    Highlands          2600 block of Evening Sky Drive 7/15/       3:00 PM      front door

    Tall Mesa           1900 block Oliver Springs St.       7/21/        9:00 AM       front door

    Shadow Canyon 2300 Block Bensley St.              7/24/        9:30 PM        front door

    Meadow Vista    2200 Block Potter Lake Ave.       7/25/                        vacant front door

    We have had 21 burglaries in 2022 to date. For reference, we have averaged about 20 burglaries per year over the past four years.

    There have been two disturbing developments versus to the types of burglaries that we have seen before: 1) Three occurred between 9-10 pm when residents were at home. There was banging on a door or window.

    In two cases, the residents responded by yelling, turning on lights, and calling the police. In one case the resident kept quiet. When there was no response, the burglars broke a window and attempted to enter, but were scared off when the resident screamed.

    We continue to emphasize to folks to respond to ringing or knocking or banging by turning on lights, yelling “I’m calling the police”, and calling 911. Never open the door or go outside!

    2) Five of the burglaries involved breaking (or attempting to break) through a metal security screen door. In two of those cases, the homes were vacant, and they were successful using a crowbar, but very little was taken.

    In one case, entry was achieved while the owners were out for medical treatment. In two cases, they were scared away by screams from the home occupants. One of those burglaries was thwarted by a woman who responded to the noise at her front door at 9:30 pm by screaming, turning on lights, and calling the HPD. She said: “I had just read in a Neighborhood Watch Program email about what I should do, I did it, and they were scared away.” That is rewarding to hear. Communication is the key!

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