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    Rana Goodman


    So Who Shall I vote For?

    For the last couple of weeks, I have received quite a few calls and emails asking who I recommend this season for the SCA board of directors. This year I was really on the fence since I had not yet met most of the candidates.

    For that reason, I began focusing on the qualifications that have been worrying me the most, SCA finances.

    My fellow blogger, David Berman usually deals with raises in our assessments by dividing the amount by the number of homes so that the raise sounds infinitesimal. I cannot look at it that way since my senior advocacy work has shown me that one does not have to be wealthy to live in SCA.  Especially if the owner purchased their home in the early stages of our community when the prices were nowhere near what they now are.

    SCA now has many widows, widowers, and owners on limited incomes. My first pick is Forrest Quinn who I served with when I was also on the board. I found him to be a quiet man who cares a great deal about our HOAs finances. As a prior board member, member of the finance, Audit committee, and SCA treasurer, he has seen the way our finances have been handled for some time and is concerned enough to tackle it once again.

    And just in case one knowledgeable CPA is not enough, my next pick is John Marshall, who I do not know personally as of yet, but with 30 years of experience in financial and business management, I think they will make one hell of a team.

    John too has served on our audit and finance committees, between those two perhaps we residents will get a better look at our funds and with a little luck they may just become a little more transparent.

    I have always said I am not a “numbers person” so it certainly would be nice to have both of these knowledgeable men on our board.


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