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    Rana Goodman

    SCA-BOD Not Taking Care of Business

    When leaving SCA for any reason, my usual route is down Anthem Parkway, each time I leave for whatever reason I can feel my blood pressure rise. No, not because of my fellow driver’s behavior but due to the look of our beautiful community.

    I know I am not the only resident to have issues with the way Anthem Council manages the landscaping work done in maintaining the look of this community.  In case you were not aware, SCA contributes more than any of the other communities up on this hill, like Solara, Anthem Highlands, and others the amount, $633,000 per year, and in 2021 it goes up $100 more.

    Next time you are on Anthem Parkway, have a look at the large barren spaces between floral plantings. Take a look at the trees all the way down and especially as you return past the entry waterfall.. Limbs are dead or broken, some leaning far out of the natural growth pattern. Considering that the landscape company has received the contract year after year.

    It seems our board feels since Art Schutz is the SCA representative they don’t need to pay much attention, however since they are watching over the dollars spent from our assessments, one would think they need to start asking questions and insisting that the landscape be maintained in a fashion befitting the amount of funds spent.

    Since the summer, the Board and management have less distraction because of the activity center shutdowns. One would think they would use this time to do things like clean up the SCA website and get things accomplished around the community. At one time the Jim Coleman issue was the excuse for being distracted from taking care of things. Now what is the excuse?

    On 12/27/2020 the other blogger posted the annual report written by the SCA board president, Richard Pope. He has made it look like the board has been very busy but now there are a few glaring omissions, for example “pushed a number of facility projects thru, and created the Restaurant, Strategic Planning task forces, which are both currently on hold” What about the committee formed to create a survey that the prior board promised residents they would be receiving this year? Then he wrote, further down in the report, ” the Board met with representatives of SODEXO, to learn more about what they might be able to offer SCA. They are coming back out later this month to evaluate SCA’s kitchen, restaurant, and bar areas and will be preparing a fully informed proposal for the Board to review.”  The whole idea of the survey was because the last one sent out regarding the restaurant was basically a YES or NO, do the owners want a restaurant.

    Many of the owners in SCA wrote into the board at the time that they would only be interested in a restaurant if there was no subsidy. The prior board pledged a new survey would go out before a “self managed” restaurant was opened giving owners facts and figures about the costs of licensing, and running the place. We still have not had a voice in wanting or not wanting the restaurant reopened... I think it will be interesting to see if they intend to give us facts and figures of cost to we owners even if the Sodexo deal became a reality. And by the way, it would be nice, should that happen, if the board send a BIG THANK YOU to resident and prior restaurant owner, Frank Lewis for passing along that connection to me.

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