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    Rana Goodman

    December 1, 2016 – 1:30 PM
    Delaware Room, Anthem Center

    1. CALL TO ORDER Rex Weddle
    3. QUORUM Rex Weddle
    Board of Directors:
    Rex Weddle President, Aletta Waterhouse Vice President, Bella Meese Secretary
    Tom Nissen Treasurer,  Bob Burch Director,  James Mayfield Director,  Carl Weinstein Director
    Sandy Seddon General Manager,  Jim Orlick Chief Financial Officer,  Lori Martin C A M
    Anneliese Gamboa Executive Coordinator
    4. APPROVAL OF AGENDA Bella Meese
    A. December 1, 2016 board meeting
    5. APPROVAL OF MINUTES Bella Meese
    A. October 27, 2016 board meeting
    6. OPENING OF BIDS (Action May Be Taken)
    A. Community Patrol Vehicles
    SCA Members are now welcome to speak on any agenda item. If you choose, you may reserve your comments
    until that item is reached on the agenda and the President or acting Meeting Chair asks for comments from the floor.

    Cards are available before and during the meeting to assure your recognition on the item you wish to address.
    These cards need to be completed and given to the Executive Coordinator in advance. In order for everyone who
    wishes to speak to have an opportunity to do so, comments will be limited to two minutes.
    When recognized by the president, approach the microphone and state your full name and your SCA address.
    Be brief and concise. Comments are to be directed to the entire Board. The president may interrupt or
    terminate a member’s statement if it is personal, abusive, obscene, irrelevant or exceeds the time limit.
    Comment cards will be made available in the membership office upon the posting of the agenda.
    Board Meeting 12.01.2016 Sun City Anthem Community Association

    8. PRESIDENT’S REPORT Rex Weddle
     Update on Liberty Center, Fitness,   Activities,   Facilities,   CMC Projects

    10. FINANCIAL REPORTS (Action May Be Taken) Jim Orlick
    A. October Financials,  B. Investment Report, C. Collections Report, D. Review of Write-Offs of Bad Debt
    11. COMMUNITY LIFESTYLE COMMITTEE (Action May Be Taken) Bella Meese
    A. Acceptance of Community Lifestyle Committee report
    B. Approval of a new charter for the Horseracing Club
    C. Approval of a new charter for the Spotlight Club12. BOARD OF DIRECTORS COMMENT PERIOD All
    13. CONSENT CALENDAR (Action May Be Taken)
    The Board of Directors may take action on all consent calendar items with one motion, accepting the
    recommendations as stated on the agenda item. The consent calendar may include Committee reports, Service
    Group reports and/or Ad-Hoc Work/Advisory Group reports that may not contain Board action items.
    A. Accept the monthly committee reports:
    1. Architectural Review, 2. Audit – no report, 3. Covenants,  4. Finance,  5. Community Patrol,
    6. Community Service Group,  7. Emergency Preparedness Service Group – no report
    8. Guest Policy Task Force – no report,  9. Sun City Anthem Television,
    10. Villa/Pinnacle Advisory Group – no report,  11. Volunteer Coordinator
    12. Website Development and Launch Work Group – no report
    B. Approval of service group recommendation:
    1. Appointment of Gene Freeze as the new Chief of the SCA Community Patrol:
    14. BOARD ACTION ITEMS (Action May Be Taken)
    BAI #12-01-2016-01 Approve the purchase of 20 pieces of Fitness Equipment, chosen  from the sealed bids
    submitted and opened at the November  Board meeting, for a net cost of $76,997.86 to be paid from reserves.
    BAI #12-01-2016-02 Approve the purchase of a laptop for Woodchips in an amount not to exceed $1,000 to                                              be paid from reserves.
    BAI #12-01-2016-03 Accelerate the seal coating of approximately 25,470 square feet  for Pinnacle’s Tony Curtis street from
    Sunland Asphalt in the amount of $4,639.80 to be paid from the Pinnacle Reserves.
    15. OLD BUSINESS (Action May Be Taken)
    Note: Items listed under Old Business are carried over from previous Board Meetings.   None

    16. NEW BUSINESS (Action May Be Taken)
    A. Approval to discontinue the Agenda Review Meeting beginning January 2017 – James  Mayfield
    B. Acceptance of the Facilities and Landscape Committee report and request to disband the Facilities and
    Landscape Committee – Aletta Waterhouse
    C. Acceptance of the Election Committee report and request to approve the revised
    Election & Voting Manual – Aletta Waterhouse
    D. Approval of the revised Audit Committee Mission Statement and Charter – Tom Nissen
    E. Approval of the revised Community Lifestyle Committee Mission Statement and Charter– Bella Meese
    F. Approval of the revised Election Committee Mission Statement and Charter – Aletta Waterhouse

    Members are encouraged to comment on any Association issue. Please state your name and limit your comments
    to two minutes. In accordance with the Resolution Establishing Parliamentary Procedures adopted by this Board                                    in April 2012, “Attacks on the character, veracity, integrity or intelligence of other individuals will not be permitted.”
    18. RECOMMENDATION OF BIDS (Action May Be Taken)
    A. Community Patrol Vehicles – Jim Orlick
    19. NEXT BOARD MEETING – January 26, 2017 – 1:30 PM, Delaware Room


    Martin Winger


    I for one do not have a problem with the club buying a new laptop…  However I think you can find one as “last year’s model.” along with finding it with both their money for their use.  Why, you ask, because it would be a donation for the club.  Not only that but I’d bet they’d find a really nice one for less than $350.00!

    I can’t think of a reason not to have a  “Horse Racing Club” either.

    Good Luck!



    Rana Goodman

    I agree on the horse racing club Marty, that is the one “sport” (the sport of kings”) that I love, it s a great idea.

    As for WoodChips and thier laptop, I am just confused a to why the SCA board has anything to do with buying them any thing. They are a Chartered club as far as I have always thought and always paid for their own things.

    I love the work they do, especially the charity Toys made at Christmas time. However, wouldn’t this set a trend of other clubs now going to the board for similar “donations”?

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