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    Rana Goodman

    Dear Ms. Jackson, Ombudsman Foger:

    I am so sorry you could not find time to return my call yesterday after your lunch break.

    Many of the members at the Sun City Anthem board of directors meeting were so very distressed over the outrageous actions taken just prior to the meeting, I had no idea what would occur. Suffice to say, it will be a feature story on my web site this week and in my magazine which reaches 44,000 senior communities Valley-wide.. 

    At the start of the meeting the board president announced, very casually, that using NRS 116.31034 the board had removed Nona Tobin from her seat on the board of directors.

    At the comment period I asked the board attorney, Mr. Clarkson,  if he would please repeat the statute since, as a student of NRS 116 for many years, I was not aware of any statute that allowed the board to remove a fellow director. He refused to give me the statute number.

    Suffice to say a pin could be heard dropping in the entire room. I walked to the back of the room and asked Nona what happened and she told me that she had been handed an envelope as she entered by the board VP, he told her that she had been removed.

    The note said  something about her making a “profit from her position.” She has since supplied me with copies of documentation of complaints she filed and one suit, all of which were dismissed between February and May of this year.

    The only open action is a “quiet title” for a home on which she is a trustee for someone else. This had been disclosed while she was RUNNING for office.

    I don’t believe she was removed legally and would like to confirm this with Ombudsman Foger before I go to press.

    Furthermore, with regard to the recall petition, Attorney Clarkson was asked to come to the meeting to inform the membership as to procedure. He emphasized about everyone’s ability to know the names of those who signed the petition.  Although I am aware these names are not confidential, the manner in which he emphasized this fact was almost gleeful.

    When questioned why we had to have an accounting firm count the recall ballots, since it had always been Anthem’s practice to use an army of resident volunteers to do that in public, he again emphasized that the petitioners may be more likely to accuse volunteers of trickery in a recall case. Therefore, although it will cost “tens of thousands of dollars” he highly recommend using a “third party” to count them….  Suffice to say, more anger against the recall proponents for such added cost.

     It seems absurdly hypocritical to call recall proponents names, post on blogs that they should bear the cost of the recall themselves, along with a host of other insults and then turn the other face and set a precedent of removing a fellow board member who does not go along to get along.

    The problem is I can find no way that they can do so legally without a hearing in front of the Real Estate Commission (NRED).   

    My question is, if the association uses the volunteers, can and will  NRED send an official to oversee the recall counting?

    OMG, what have we become?  I am having a hard time absorbing the news, but, quite frankly I’m not surprised…..and that is sad.  Unfortunately, I could not attend yesterday as I was in the middle of medical tests.  I will be quite frank and tell you that I only voted for one board member this year…..NONA TOBIN.  This is what she gets for being honest and sincere and taking the best interests of our community to heart.  I have sat at previous board meetings and witnessed the constant harassment by each and every board member and the Anthem staff towards Nona.  First, they refused to make her an officer, then they refused to allow her to present motions and on and on and finally this retribution for being the honest and caring person she is.  I have never been so disgusted at anything in my life.  I now realize that 15 years ago I made the worse decision of my life.  I don’t regret the friends I have here in SCA as I love them all, but if I could lift my dream home up and deposit it somewhere else without an HOA I would do so in a nano seond.

    This is supposed to be the relaxing, peaceful time of our lives as it comes to an end.  But a few ignorant, spiteful people are ruining that for 7100 homeowners.  For the life of me I can’t figure out how they survived in the world before moving here.

    I sincerely hope that Nona will file a complaint with NRED and any other entity she possibly can and I urge her to file a lawsuit against this corrupt group of people.

    And, by the way, maybe it’s time to make a call to Darcy Spears and the other tv stations!





    Those that know me well, are very much aware that I am not one to mince words.  I call it like it is and get to the heart of issues without sugar coating them.  The following is my opinion of those who are on the road to totally destroying this HOA community and trampling the rights of every good and kind homeowner who lives here and thought they were buying into a community full of fun, comradery, peacefulness and run in a democratic way.

    The Group That Calls Themselves OSCAR-The Real Meaning

    O-  Obnoxious, Oblivious to the law and the rights of the citizens of SCA.

    S-  Sanctimonious, Self-righteous, Selfish to the core, Spending HOA money to            satisfy their own selfish wants and desires.

    C-  Crass, Crude, Corrupt.

    A-  Apathetic, Amoral, Arrogant, Anti-homeowner and their rights.

    R-  Rigid opinions with lack of common sense and devoid of people skills. Riding           Roughshod over homeowners and the only honest board member, Nona Tobin,       denying her and homeowners their legal rights.

    I could go on and on, but anyone with a modicum of conscience and knowledge of fiduciary duty will know they are heinous individuals that rule this HOA and care about nothing other than satisfying their own selfish needs.  Unfortunately this HOA is laced with a very destructive bunch “ruling the roost”.


    Kim Lord

    Wow! We just bought and moved into a house here a couple of months ago. We had no idea what was going on with the board. As newcomers, it’s very disturbing to read. What can we do to help save what we thought was a beautiful community? We just unpacked for heavens sake!

    Rana Goodman

    I do know that several residents, including myself have started the process of filing complaints with NRED (the real estate division) regarding the way Nona was removed from the board. I am also going to attempt to file. Complaint with the Nevada Bar association, although knowing the way they work, I don’t think they will accept it from me.

    The very idea that this attorney convinced the board that it was OK to remove Nona because she “might” one day make a profit from a legal action is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. AND how could they be so stupid not to hear the cash register ring while he was saying it.

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