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    Rana Goodman

    For those interested in the outcome of the request to limit to the height of trees emphatically by Gary Clark, chair of ARC,  that since trees are a living growing thing they will never mandate that the trees need to be trimmed for height. They said if you don’t like the height, get with your neighbor and see if you can get them to trim it back.

    He also stated that there are no “view lots“ guaranteed in SCA. The fact that many paid upgrades for the lots, as a “lot premium “. I was told, when purchasing my lot that the premium was only for City & Golf course views.





    3.QUORUM   Board of Directors:



    March 28, 2019 Board Meeting

    1. April 8, 2019 Board Meeting


    10.MEMBER COMMENT PERIOD SCA Members are now welcomed to speak on any agenda item. If you choose, you may reserve your      comments until that item is reached on the agenda and the President or acting Meeting Chair asks for    comments from the floor.

    Cards are available before and during the meeting to assure your recognition on the item you wish to     address. These cards need to be completed and given in advance. In order for everyone who wishes to   speak to have an opportunity to do so, comments will be limited to two minutes. When recognized by the president, approach the microphone and state your full name and your SCA  address.  Be brief and concise.   Comments are to be directed to the entire Board. The president may interrupt or terminate a member’s statement if it is personal,  abusive, obscene, irrelevant or exceeds the time limit.

    1. FINANCIAL REPORTS (Action May Be Taken)        Bing O’Peek
    2. A. Review / Accept the unaudited financial report ending March 31, 2019  B. Review the Investment Report
    3. Review the Collections Report
    4. Review / Approve Bad Debt Write‐off (if applicable)
    5. Review the Pending Litigation Disclosure
    6. Approve the proposed 2020 Budget Guidelines and Budget Calendar
    7. CONSENT CALENDAR (Action May Be Taken) The Board of Directors may take action on all consent calendar items with one motion, accepting the  recommendations as stated on the agenda item.  The consent calendar may include Committee reports, Service  Group reports and/or

    Ad‐Hoc Work/Advisory Group reports that may not contain Board action items.

    1. Accept the monthly committee reports:
    2. 1. Architectural Review
    3. Audit
    4. Community Lifestyle
    5. Covenants
    6. Election
    7. Facilities and Landscape
    8. Finance
    9. Community Neighborhood Watch Program
    10. Community Patrol
    11. Community Service Group
    12. Emergency Preparedness Service Group
    13. Sun City Anthem Television
    14. Pinnacle/Villa Advisory Group
    15. Volunteer Coordinator


    1. Community Lifestyle Committee
    2. Approve Robert Goldfried as chair of the Community Lifestyle Committee for a one‐year  term beginning June 1, 2019 and ending May 31, 2020.
    3. Covenants Committee
    4. 1. Recommendation to simultaneously send electronic notification of rule violations via e‐ mail (using the e‐mail address provided at time of joining SCA HOA) when the hard copy  notification is mailed to the homeowner. C. Election Committee
    5.  1. Approve Carol Siebel as chair of the Election Committee for another one‐year term  beginning June 1, 2019 and ending May 31, 2020.
    6. Finance Committee
    7. Approve the revised K‐EZ Annual Financial Report form and conditions for usage.

    Accept the 2018 Chartered Club Financial Compliance Review Report.

    1. Approve the revised Finance Committee Charter.  E. Pinnacle Advisory Group
    2.  1. Approve Tom Topolski as a Pinnacle Advisory Group Representative for a two‐year term  beginning May 1, 2019 and ending June 30, 2021.
    3. BOARD ACTION ITEMS  BAI 04‐25‐2019‐01  Approve the replacement of the Awning covers at Independence  Center in front of the Morris, Nelson and Penn rooms from All‐ Pro Awning in the amount of $2,530 to be paid from reserves.

    BAI 04‐25‐2019‐02  Approve the replacement of the Snooker Billiard table in the  billiards room at Independence Center from the Billiard Factory in the amount of $7,463.78 to be paid from reserves.   BAI 04‐25‐2019‐03

    Approve the purchase of Walk Behind Auto Scrubber Floor Cleaning Machine for Independence Center from Brady  Industries in the amount of $5,508.51 to be paid from the  reserves.  BAI 04‐25‐2019‐04

    Approve the purchase of seven new 55” flat screens TV’s for the  fitness area at Anthem Center from Amazon in the amount of  $4,531.12 to be paid from the reserves.

    BAI 04‐25‐2019‐05  Approve the purchase and installation of 8 Weather‐Matic  Smartlink Irrigation Controllers with air cards and weather stations for Sun City Common areas from BrightView Landscape  Co. in the amount of $15,270.87 to be paid from reserves.

    BAI 04‐25‐2019 06  Approve the purchase of the lower gallery gaming furniture at  Anthem Center from Castino Restaurant Equipment and Supply in the amount of $144,286.26 to be paid from reserves.

    1. UNFINISHED BUSINESS (Action May Be Taken)  A. Restaurant Space Update            16. NEW BUSINESS (Action May Be Taken)
    2. Review / Approve revised Facilities Usage Manual (“FUM”) (This item is to approve the NO PARKING of anything other than golf carts in YOUR “golf cart garage” If you are like many other residents in SCA, that is the usual space for guest, family, or anyone visiting so that the double doors are left free to remove your own vehicles.
    3. Review / Approve revised Rules & Regulations

    MEMBER COMMENT PERIOD  Members are encouraged to comment on any Association issue. Please

    state your name and limit your comments to two minutes.  Comments are to be directed to the entire Board. The president may interrupt or terminate a member’s statement  if it is personal, abusive, obscene, irrelevant or exceeds the time limit. In accordance with the Resolution Establishing Parliamentary Procedures adopted by this Board in April 2012, “Attacks  on the character, veracity, integrity or intelligence of other individuals will not be permitted.”


    18.NEXT BOARD MEETING  A.   Organizational Meeting – May 2, 2019 9 a.m., Delaware Room   B.   Regular Board Meeting – May 23, 2019, 1:30 p.m., Delaware Room

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