SCA, Be On The Lookout & Call HPD if Seen.

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SCA, Be On The Lookout & Call HPD if Seen.

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    Rana Goodman

    Submitted by:  Becky Rose  Village Facilitator

    HPD has requested that we put out the following message to all residents of Sun City Anthem:

    If you see a white van like that shown on the right, or any other suspicious Van, cruising our neighborhood, IMMEDIATELY call the police at 311 and report what you have seen to the police dispatcher. 

    The actual suspect van has built-in windows on the side of the van, like skylights, and is an older model. This vehicle is officially an HPD suspect vehicle and will be stopped if spotted.

    If possible, give a good description of the vehicle you have seen, and the license plate if it is visible, to the officer. Officers are available 24/7 and once getting this call they will immediately dispatch someone to check it out and may also send a police cruiser to patrol the neighborhood where the suspicious vehicle was seen at night. 

    We should all be on the lookout for this van since we have had multiple break-ins in Sun City Anthem in the last month. 


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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