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    Rana Goodman

    By: Robert Stern SCA Resident

    SCA PROPOSED 2023 ASSESSMENTS. On or about November 1st homeowners get the board approved 2023 Budget mailed to them. The board meets this week to approve it.

     I have pointed out to the Finance Committee personnel that the proposed 2023 $1656 main association assessment if implemented as proposed violates the 20% maximum increase allowed as per Section 8.9 of the CCNRs. They are passing that information on to the board as I intend to take action should the board violate our governing documents.

    The board can solve any dispute and act prudently to pass a special assessment rather than disguise it. The amount per household is $67.20. I have served as a director on Nevada HOA boards as well as others who will be reading this post. I ask everyone to respect the rule of law. Now the board can resolve this matter by passing a special assessment of $67.20 per household in accordance with the governing documents if it wishes and solve its funding problem or it can reduce expenditures accordingly.

    And the board has plenty of time to do it right and avoid any conflict and potential litigation. NRS116.795 allows for requests for injunctions to have the Real Estate Division go into court and seek the injunction based on demonstrating that the board has violated NRS116 and will cause harm to the property owners.

    Everyone has been given a heads up and the problem can be easily solved if the board acts properly. I urge each of you to communicate with management and board members and ask them to avoid the conflict and not violate Section 8.9 of the CCNRs.

     The Finance Committee and the Board have not yet met to finalize. So, I urge them to do it right. I discovered this as a result of my financial analysis of the restaurant expenses as I was looking into the 2023 proposed budget. More on that later.


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