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    Robert Stern

    The 2023 Budget includes an expense line item of $316,800 identified as Restaurant. As a qualified CPA , former CFO, business consultant and concerned resident I wanted to see the detail of this number and what the budget creators were planning. It’s not complicated. Remember we were originally told restaurant would open in 1st Quarter 2023, then April 1 and now July 1. So I wanted to understand the numbers. I submitted a request for the detailed information and was provided an amateurish response but was able to determine that the $316,800 included $23,500 for Real Property Taxes and the remaining $293,300 was made up of an undisclosed amount of professional services and an undetailed amount of expenses related to the restaurant. What’s in there? Did this include a net loss projection for 2023? Or is that a different number? Legitimate questions.
    When I followed up to get the requested information or review the detail I was stonewalled in writing by Sandy Seddon and her fiefdom. So much for advertised transparency. We are dealing with incompetency folks. I asked what was the 2023 budget assumption for the restaurant opening? STONEWALLED! Clearly they want to play hardball rather than be transparent. One has to wonder what they are hiding?

    Why is this important? It is important because a Board of Directors must get good accounting information on the restaurant to make informed decisions going forward. It’s a huge investment. The numbers warrant tight oversight. And the 2023 Budget for the restaurant is clearly bogus and the Audit Committee is a waste as to oversight because they lack independence. The board shifted to quarterly financial statements from monthly. Why is that? Clearly not transparent. Just the opposite. And the last inquiry showed neither the CFO , Treasurer nor Board had put the proper accounting in place to ensure an accurate read on SCA’s Restaurant monthly operating performance and total investment cost. That should scare you.

    We need new governance to get our house in order. Vote for Pamela Williams, Rick Ernest and Bruce Stanley as we need Directors who are on top of finances and aren’t afraid of transparency and fixing what needs to be fixed.

    The pocketbook you save could be your own.

    alan h

    The question is, with this little information and transparency would you invest any money in this venture with these people? I am guessing you would not but then this is all academic because with these people in charge you are investing your money if you like it or not.

    R. Westra

    I appreciate Robert Sterns enthusiasm in regard to Sun City.  We live in a democratic society and have the ability and obligation to express ourselves on various issues and to come to a consensus.  I wish we had a broader base of Sun City Residents who would express themselves on various issues in this forum.

    I would encourage Robert Sterns or anyone to run for BOD and get directly involved with changing events happening in Sun City’s Board,   Any citizen of Sun City who has ideas about management of Sun City should run for the BOD and initiate  their ideas into action.  I have suggested ideas to management and to board members and have been met with a positive attitude by management and board members.  Two ideas I presented were adopted by the management and by the board of directors.  I would encourage Sun City Residents not to be obnoxious but present your ideas in a calm and organized method.

    We may disagree on how to manage Sun City; but if you strongly disagree I would encourage citizens of Sun City to run for the board and initiate your ideas.

    The BOD’s of Sun City have had a high turnover of board members over the years.  I see that as a negative trend to managing Sun City.  We have people living in Sun City that are not emotionally stable; I have not seen that in this forum.  I have talked to people who have threatened board members with physical violence.  One board member has resigned because of those physical threats.

    I would encourage everyone to express their views and through many views being expressed we can see new ideas in the public domain.  I am looking forward to learning from you in this forum on how we can improve Sun City.

    Thank you for reading this.


    Nelson Orth

    I have the following questions/comments for R. Westra.

    You obviously have ideas about improvements in SCA. Why don’t you take your own advise, and run for the board?

    What were the two ideas that you presented to the board that were received with a positive attitude?

    I have lived here for over twenty years. We have always had significant turnovers in our board members. What is your suggestion on how to correct this problem?

    Are you a psychologist? If so, what is your basis for stating that SCA has “not emotionally stable” people? If not, what are you basing this statement on?

    Who is the board member who resigned due to physical threats?

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