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    Rana Goodman


    Saying Goodbye to Daisy

    I have shared my home with many dogs during my lifetime and although I have loved each and every one of them, but I must admit my Golden Doodle, Daisy will always be the one who holds a special place in my heart.

    Daisy was always the clown of the group from the first day when my younger daughter brought her to me when she was a puppy as a birthday gift 13 years ago.

    As she grew, she taught herself to knock on the glass patio door to let us know she wanted out, which worked well for several years until Daisy had a better idea.

    You see, Daisy loved her treats, known as cookies to her. She knew we would come quickly if she knocked on that door, so when we opened it for her, she turned and headed for the box her cookies were in, demanding one as a reward “I guess for doing that trick.”.

    That silly dog always followed me from room to room, her attention only shifting direction if I happened to go into the kitchen, then she stationed herself by the refrigerator, she knew the human treats were kept in there.

    Suddenly, a year ago, Daisy began having seizures, a terrifying thing to watch when you can’t do anything to help.  On occasion, when she ran across the tile floors her back legs seemed to fly out from under her, making her fear going into rooms with tile floors.

    After several visits to the vet, he gave us two medications, one to try and stop the seizures, the other to mask the pain in her rear legs. We were ecstatic watching the results those first weeks, day by day, the seizures stopped, and the falls were less and less. She began to play again; her energy came back, and she began to seem like the puppy she once was.

    Then one week ago, 11:15 at night she put her head next to me on the bed to wake me, as I started to get up, thinking she just wanted to go outside, I realized her breathing was very labored. We tried massaging her throat thinking she ate “something” and it was stuck, that did nothing to help.

    We made a quick call to an emergency veterinary clinic as Dan tried to lift her and take her to the car. However, lifting 85 lbs of dead weight just wasn’t working. Somehow, we were able to roll her onto a blanket and drag her as far as the garage. The problem of getting her into the car was still the major problem.

    I placed a call to 911, hoping that asking for help for my dog would not cause the operator to hang up on me. She was however very nice and when I asked if it was out of line to ask if she could call the Henderson fire department in my community and ask for help, she didn’t hesitate, and the firemen were at our home in less than 5 minutes.

    They scooped her off the floor and gently placed her on the blanket they had placed inside the car. Thanking them we dashed off to the clinic “on a wing and a prayer” that we would get there in time to save her.

    The vet on duty at 24 Hour Emergency Veterinary Care, on Stephanie and ‘[Warm Springs was waiting outside with a gurney asking if she could try CPR if needed. My response of course was “yes, do what ever you need to, just please save her.”

    Sadly, even after what seemed like forever doing CPR the vet came to us and reported that there was no longer a heartbeat and she had to “call it.” As you can imagine, we were both shattered and drove home to a house that suddenly was so very quiet.

    The following morning as I was packing the last cases of dog food in the pantry, the doorbell rang and standing there were two of the firemen that had helped us the night before. They had stopped by to check on how our sweet Daisy had faired through the night, and made me promise never to hesitate to call them for help if we needed to.

    I thanked them for their help that night and had to report that she had not made it… I also told them how very touched we were that they had taken the time to stop by, that really was, to us, above and beyond!

    Elizabeth Breier

    My heart is broken for you. Daisy‘s passing is a reminder to me that my time with Ruby and Jingle is limited. They are both 11. Having gone through similar situations with other pets that has been part of our family,  I feel your pain. I dread the day i will have to say goodbye to my fur babies but I can only hope that there are some kind people nearby as you experienced.
    Goodbye Daisy. Enjoy being with Muffin again. You were both loved and well cared for and will be missed  😘

    Helene Graber



    I am so sorry for your loss.


    Helene Graber


    I’m so sorry. They take a huge piece of our hearts. Very few things love us unconditionally. Much comfort in this time.

    Rana Goodman

    Thank you for your kind words. My daughters are on a mission to find me another fur baby soon.

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