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Result of Revere July 2 Hearing with City

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    Rana Goodman

    On July 1, the management of the Revere Golf course held a special meeting with the residents within earshot of their event locations, and came to an agreement on several of the points being appealed regarding their conditional use permit. They were then ready for the City Council meeting to hear their permit appeal.

    The following are the results of that meeting, which was witnessed by many of the residents of Sun City Anthem, only one of whom was against approval.

    In the North location:

    Term of agreement is one year.

    A permanent electrical line will be installed at the event sites, eliminating the need for a generator.

    Should there be noncompliance with the terms of the agreement, it would result in revocation by the city.

    Events are limited to 50 events per year.

    Live entertainment is limited to a piano or other string instruments and microphones.

    All outside events must be completed by 8 p.m.

    Events are limited to weddings and similar events.

    Music heard outside cannot continue for more than one hour

    Drones are permitted – not helicopters 

    In the South Location:

    All noise complaints shall go to management and must be resolved within 20 minutes.

    Limit to 12 events per year.

    Management must perform sound level checks.

    A Live DJ is permitted but no live music.

    All events must end by 10 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and 9 on Monday to Thursday.

    30 minutes for site clean up.

    No helicopters, drones are fine.

    Must monitor noise levels.

    Uniformed security guard required for all events.

    No fireworks allowed.

    Stages and speakers must be faced away from home sites

    Many of the speakers stated that some of these rules were too restrictive since everyone in the community suffers if Revere is not successful. Many felt, since so many golf courses in Henderson and Las Vegas had closed, leaving the community with the fear of multiple new housing being built on them, that everyone in the Anthem Communities should pull together to make this work.

    Sadly, since weddings are usually planned well in advance, anyone wishing to book a date beyond the one year that the use permit has been approved,  will have to either wait or reserve elsewhere.

    Bottom line, Revere will have to return to the city council for a new permit in a year and/or ask for a longer term when they go back, which seemed to be totally in line with the comments by the council..

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