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    Rana Goodman

    I can remember when a was a young girl watching news on our small television in our London home when King George V died and his eldest daughter, Elizabeth became queen. I vividly remember watching her coronation on the same television several months before my family immigrated to the United States.

    In all the years that have passed I have still considered Elizabeth II as “my queen,” so, her passing to me, as it probably was to most of the British people in the UK, as well as those transplanted elsewhere, a deep blow.

    Watching and reading all the testimonials from around the world, from the famous as well as the public, made me realize how very proud I am to be a “Brit,” what I have always considered myself in spite of the many, many years I have been in the United States.

    A few days ago I read a featured column in the Review Journal by Susan Estrich who referred to Queen Elizabeth II as “the peoples queen” how very right she was. The article showed the very human side of a great lady in which she said, How she handled those challenges, those tragedies, those disappointments that were the measure of her greatness. She handled them with dignity.” And that she did. From divorces of some of her children, the untimely death of Princess Diana, and looking back further, the stand she had to take with her sister’s romance long ago. Dignity is the best word one can use.

    After reading Ms.Estrich’s commentary I reflected back on those tragedies and disappointments,wondering how many other women would have handled all of those stressful and painful events.

    And as I mentally change the words of “God save the queen to “God save the kingin my mind, and in my heart, I say rest in peace your majesty and know that this transplanted Brit is still so very proud to be one.

    Phyll Perry

    Beautiful tribute to “our” Queen.   My great great  Grandfather was one of Queen Victoria’s lifeguards  and it was nice to see that senior regiment at the front of the procession with their gold helmets and red jackets.

    It reminded me of the print my family proudly displayed on our wall of the regiment riding in front of Balmoral castle which was hung next to his framed retirement papers signed by Queen Victoria.

    I have always admired Queen Elizabeth for her calm strength and leadership despite the drama and chaos that was happening all around her.    Her dignity, tenacity, modesty and manners should be an example to all leaders and members of government as a lesson in decorum and service to the people.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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