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    Rana Goodman

    By Lynda Parets

    I wasn’t there for the Board meeting yesterday, 12/7/2017,  but a number of people filled me in,  therefore I need to add my voice.

    The Foundation is here to serve people and not do anything in an acrimonious manner like the Sun City Anthem board and GM have done.  After I watched what has taken place over the past few weeks and how the general manager and board handled things, I have come to the realization that it is not about a piece of property, it’s about vindictiveness. And certainly not about the wellness of the community for which they serve.  That doesn’t appear to be the path that the GM and board are on.  Here are the facts that have seemed to become neglected and mired in a bunch of spoken “false facts” at the HOA meeting yesterday 12/7/17.

    Number 1:  I get all the emails at the Foundation, and I can tell you for sure, and without hesitation and hand to Bible, that not one email came across to the board from Sandy Seddon, Rex Weddle or any other HOA board members requesting a need for a meeting to discuss any of the problems that had seemed to crop up.

    Number 2:  from the onset of being locked out, the Foundation has continued to service the community. There hasn’t been a lost second. In fact, Emile Gerard called Favil West, who, was on vacation, to ask for equipment help. Favil called me that same evening and I called Emile twice to see what we could do to help.  When he didn’t return my calls, I called him the next day at which point he told me that he had already gone out and bought the piece of equipment. I suggested at that point that there was no need for him to pay for a piece of equipment when we had some in our off-site storeroom to help him out. I called him the next day to see if he had returned the piece of equipment to Walgreens and he never returned that call either. We were ready to help him, but he jumped the gun. I guess Emille Girard showed the Foundation…didn’t he?

    Number 3:  The Foundation does NOT have an office and will NOT have an office on Desert Inn or any place outside of Sun City Anthem. An office is being secured in Sun City Anthem to service the community. Any office outside of the community will be a satellite office to help others in Clark County.

    Number 4: at an open Foundation Assisting Seniors Board of Trustees meeting in November, before the lockout, Favil West went around the room and asked everyone in attendance whether the Foundation should abandon or not.  That included all trustees and visiting members of other communities as this is an open meeting to all.   The consensus was unanimous to keep the Foundation, which has been serving this community for 15 years, intact.  As an aside, a couple of Foundation Trustees, who live in Sun City Anthem, suggested perhaps, we punish the board and those who voted against the Foundation remaining on property, by not providing any service. Favil loudly shut that down explaining that regardless of opinion, everyone who needs help, gets help.

    If I were an owner, I would have attended yesterday’s meeting and spoken up loud and clear because there are a lot of erroneous lies that continue being said about the Foundation Assisting Seniors and I would have been there to set it straight.   However, I am neither an employee of the Foundation nor am I an owner. The people repeating these continuous lies show their complete lack of respect for their community, their neighbors and their friends.  They seem to have lost sight of what and why the Foundation was created.   They continue saying that this is about a piece of property and, yet they have done everything that runs contrary to that by spreading ugly rumors, innuendos and lies about the Foundation and how it’s operated.

    If I were to go down the list of the equipment utilization database since day one, I would probably  find most of the board members ( previous and current) names on it.  Somewhere along the way this has no longer become about the Sun City Anthem community, even though that’s what the board of directors and general manager would have you believe. They have neglected the fact that they serve at the pleasure of 11,000 + residents.  Not themselves.

    Last but certainly not least, I had the opportunity to take a look at the way that the General Manager had things that belong to the Foundation and are used by the people of Sun City Anthem put into storage.  It was disgusting and showed a general lack of respect not only for the Foundation, but for the people who use this equipment.  In addition, there are things missing.  .



    Rana Goodman

    Emile Girard has forwarded the following email to post as a response to Lynda’s letter above. We are happy to so so unedited:

    Good Morning Rana,

    This is a follow up to my 12/10/17 discussion  with you regarding Lynda Parets 12/08/17 posting on your blog whereby she cites some so called facts to set the record straight regarding happenings with the Foundation Assisting Seniors (FAS).

    I have always been reluctant to make a post on anyone’s blog as in most cases I have found that they can do more harm than good. However, I believe that  I need to address Lynda’s so called  “ Fact Number 2 “:  her erroneous innuendo in regards  to the scenario of my calling Favil West on or about Monday 11/20/2017 requesting a loan of a walker to be used after my wife’s, Tuesday, 11/21/2017 outpatient back surgery. Lynda accused me of jumping the gun by my purchasing a walker before she could get the walker to us, most likely a couple of days later if not sooner.

    Her point being that I was trying to show up the Foundation. Nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is that I had to call 911 around 11:00 p.m. Tuesday evening as my wife had fallen and was unable to stand with my trying to assist her without a walker. After being discharged at 3:00 a.m. from the St. Rose Emergency Room, Wednesday, 11/22/2017, I immediately drove to the 24 hour Walgreens Drug Store on Eastern Ave to purchase a walker. I did not want to risk having my wife fall while I was getting her from our car into the house. Linda did suggest that I return the walker for a refund but both I and my wife were not comfortable in doing so.

    It is important to point out that it  is seemingly unprofessional for a perceived FAS employee/ supposed FSR “in kind “ volunteer serving as a  key FAS point of contact to violate a client’s confidentiality.  I am still waiting to hear back from Linda to receive an apology from her or her superiors.

    After serving honorably for approximately six years  as President of the Community Service Group and several years as a FAS Trustee and ultimately as its Executive Vice President, I am appalled to be accused of  trying to undermine the Foundation Assisting Seniors. FAS is a tremendous organization and  I have and will continue to  openly lobby both the SCA HOA Board of Directors and FAS Trustees to reestablish a partnership such as we so proudly had in the past. With all due respect, I will continue to be candid with the FAS President and FAS Trustees in asking that they be more gracious with the SCA HOA Board in trying to reestablish this most beneficial partnership. After witnessing all of the FAS/SCA disaffiliation and goings on for the past year, I am convinced that our SCA HOA Board will be open and willing to negotiate a mutually beneficial partnership


    Emile Girard

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