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    Rana Goodman

    Resident Tim Stebbins wrote Larry Griffith re: the no sport flag rule on Tuesday, to date,  Wednesday 1:50pm Tim has received no reply

    Mr. Griffith is the chairman of the Architectural Review Committee (ARC).  ARC is the group that decides what flags cannot be displayed and the group that will impose a fine on residents who display any flag on the NO Fly List:.

    Dear Mr. Griffith,

    Our CAM, Elyssa Rammos, has informed me the ARC Committee has made certain determinations about what types of flags can be displayed on any SCA home on the flag holders but there is nothing in writing about such determinations.

    For example, what are considered “patriotic flags” and what are not patriotic flags and thus prohibited?

    Is a Canadian flag displayed on Canada Day (or any other day) permitted or forbidden?  Is an Israeli flag displayed on the anniversary if Israel creation (or any other day) permitted or forbidden?   Are UK flags on the birthday or other major event of Queen Elizabeth II (or any other days) permitted or forbidden?  Can a Mexican flag be displayed on Cinco De Mayo (or any other days)?  And so on.

    Are State flags like Nevada and other states such as California, New Your, Minnesota, etc. – permitted or forbidden? – on any day or just on some days?

    Are Flags for our military – Armey, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard permitted?  – at any time or just on certain days?  Flags for other military like the RAF, the RAAF, the Roya Navy, etc. – just some countries or all countries or no other countries – on any day or just on certain days.

    Are political flags such “Let’s make America Great again” “or “We Love Hillary” permitted or forbidden? – any days or just certain days?

    What are flags are “appropriate for holidays”?  Christian holidays – all or just some?  Jewish holidays-all or just some?  Secular holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving – all or just some?  Are flags for celebrations of other countries like France, Germany, Holland, Italy China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, etc. permitted or forbidden? –  on all days or just certain days?

    Are flags for sports teams – football, baseball, basketball – permitted or forbidden? – on all days or just certain days?

    The list can go on and on because there are no guidelines and it seems the allowed vs. not allowed flags is a bit arbitrary known only to the ARC Committee and Community Standards person, James Arteaga.  Thus, SCA residents are in the dark.

    A problem is that Mr. Arteaga has stated he will vigorously enforce his views of non-permitted flags with violation letters and possible monetary fines if residents do obey his views.

    Do SCA residents have to come to you personally to determine if a flag is permitted or forbidden?  Can the question be presented to anyone else?

    Are the views of prohibited flags by ARC and Mr. Arteaga the same?

    Thank you for your help on this issue.

    Tim Stebbins


    Mark Cook

    One could question the patriotism of anyone that wants to display a flag for an NFL team that shows contempt and disrespect for our national anthem and all that it STANDs FOR.


    Mr. Griffith is a great example of WHAT’S WRONG  with Sun City Anthem.

    Vigorously enforce and fine a homeowner by displaying a sports flag?  Has this place gone nuts?

    Just another example as to why the Spring 2019 election is so important….

    …to rid ourselves of such individuals who would place such a person on a committee whose need for a “power trip” exceeds common sense.

    What has become of our community?




    Neal Matzkin

    When each of us bought a house here we agreed to be bound by the CC&Rs.  If you did not read them, did not understand them or forgot what was in them, that is on you, not SCA.  Whether or not there should be active enforcement is another issue, but to denigrate those responsible for their enforcement is not acceptable.  I do not care about sports flags, but they are currently not permitted according to the regs you accepted, like it or not.

    The CC&Rs were put in place by Del Webb for what ever, and they may all not be appropriate for us now.   The worst thing a HOA can do is to not enforce or selectively enforce the CC&Rs. This can lead to all sorts of legal liability for the HOA.  It is one of the reasons for active enforcement.

    The way to approach this is to have the standards changed.  There are several ways to accomplish this but a temper tantrum is not one of them.    The same goes for the two 5 foot tree rule.  You agreed to maintain your property, even if it costs you some money, according to the standards.  Realize that trees only have to be tall and there are many varieties of them, like palms, that don’t take up much space for those of you in narrow  houses with small yards.


    Mr. Mazkin,

    There is little doubt that you believe that rules are rules and that whatever they might be, they must be followed.  Gimme a break !

    I suppose you also wish to subject each person who has a Palm tree that is in excess of 5 ft. tall, to chop them down because the ORIGINAL “rules” never took into consideration that THEY GROW ???

    The absurdity of Del Webb initially allowing them, yet at the same time placing a 5 ft. restriction, without thought to applying COMMON SENSE, makes some rules RIDICULOUS, and this is certainly one of them.

    The rules also say that olive trees and oleander plants are FORBIDDEN…. yet Del Webb had many, many olive trees planted all the way along anthem Parkway.

    I think that is called “don’t do as I do, do what I tell you.”

    I counted more than 40 olive trees along the parkway between Anthem center  and the Solara 1 mile away.

    You would really like to subject residents to a cost of $1,000-$1,500 to remove a Palm tree because it happened to GROW?

    Legal liability because of a tree growing too tall?

    You have to be kidding.

    Are you going to be the person who will spend your personal funds to sue an association because you saw a tree that exceeded 5 ft. in height?

    If one fell on top of a car or person for that matter. just what legal liability would an association bear?

    Believe me, this association will say THE FULL LIABILITY revolves around the person owning the tree.

    Your argument is in the same category of the person blaming MacDonalds for their coffee being too hot.

    And a GM wanting to employ additional individuals to check all homes on a quarterly basis is right up there with dumping $250,000 a year on a restaurant without any proper vetting….DUMB.

    Think about this latest ridiculous decision.

    If you employ 2 full time employees to cover 7,144 homes at minimum wage at $8.25 per hour (which would never happen when you have a GM who spends money like water), working a 40 hour week, that would amount to an annual expenditure of $34,320.

    Somehow I think that Thirty-Four Grand (and I haven’t even mentioned the outrageous legal fees to send letters or collect fines), is so “off the wall” that it’s time we strongly consider DUMPING those who even come up with these costly and senseless ways to spend our funds.



    Neal Matzkin

    Mr. Arendt

    Maybe if you would read and stick to one issue at a time you would have less problems.  One issue that you flail at, about tree height,  you have backwards.  2 trees have to be a minimum of 5 feet tall,  but you need to have read the CC&Rs to understand that.   HOAs have CC&Rs and each owner is not free to decide for themselves which are dumb and need not be obeyed.  Such is the nature of a HOA.

    My point was that you agreed to obey the CC&Rs when you bought here. You were given a copy of them.    If they were that dumb, why are you here?   It’s like buying a house next to an airport and then complaining about the noise.  There are ways to change them if owners collectively agree that they are no longer appriopiate.   Yes it is oxymoronic that the assoiciation can plant the plants that we can not.  Personally I have a pimple that I’m more concerned about, but if you don’t like this rule, challange it and see if you can get it changed.

    There have been problems with the current system of CC&R enforcement. Those cited  for a violation have noted that others with the same deficiency have not been cited.  Inconsistent policy enforcement is a issue that can place SCA in jeopardy.  Although there will be transition issues about things that were overlooked in the past, like sports flags,  the new system will treat everyone the same.   Most if not all HOAs in the valley have active enforcement systems for this reason.  There  are costs in running a HOA and this is one of them that we tried to avoid but that  turned out to be problematic.  I think that due to the $500,000 plus surplus that Sandy Seldon has achieved, paying for this will not be a problem.



    Mr. Maskin,

    It appears that you are very typical of those who enjoy insulting an individual to make a point.

    You could have very easily has said, “Mr. Arendt, you made an error”, but of course that is obviously not in keeping with the manner in which you convey yourself.

    I will not drop myself to your level in such rhetoric.

    Note that I never inferred you were ignorant;  yet for some reason, you seem to be very typical of those who feel some form of distorted need to express themselves in such a manner.

    It was this type of commentary on which ANTHEM OPINIONS TERMINATED YOUR SUBSCRIPTION.

    Have a pleasant day…if you’re capable.






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