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    Rana Goodman

    The Real Estate Division Ombudsman was at the Anthem Center to observe the count as promised and we thank Mr. Foger for taking the time to do that and to answer questions from several residents who spoke with him.

    In order to recall a BOD member, 2,501 Yes votes were required.


     BOD Member Yes No
     Thomas Nissen  1,254  1,687
     Aletta Waterhouse  1,253  1,688
     Rex Weddle  1,282  1,658

    These are the results of the results of today (November 1,2017) recall election and as anticipated, the opponents have won for now. Keep in mind, that there are many complaints that have been filed with the Real Estate Division (NRED), as of today 48, that must be settled so, as they say, “it ain’t over – till it’s over.”

    However, I do hope that Rex, Aletta and Tom will look at the number of votes that were positive for removal and take that as a sign that changes DO NEED TO BE MADE. When you have over 1,200 homeowners voting to remove you from office that should be more than a sign of a “hand full of malcontents complaining” as they have been stating all this time.

    To continue as if nothing has happened in this community is foolish in my opinion. Here is still the matter of Nona Tobin’s removal to settle, that is before NRED and time will tell if board counsel, Adam Clarkson led the SCA board down the wrong path as I believe he did. My personal opinion of this young man; he is outlandishly arrogant and too sure of himself. Watching him at the recall count today, (no, I don’t know why he was there of if SCA is paying him to attend) made me think of a strutting rooster as he marched back and forth so proudly.

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