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    Rana Goodman

    Position Statement – Board Communication

    Re: Agenda Review Meetings:


    The Board recently eliminated the Agenda Review, which formerly took place two days before its regular monthly meeting. There were a number of valid reasons for this action. These were discussed at the meeting when the Board took action and subsequently in the Spirit.

    To offset that change, the Board expanded the member comment opportunity at the official meeting and is now publishing the monthly agenda and draft Board Book four days sooner with more detail.

    But I believe the loss of voice created by the agenda Review’s demise needs additional thought.

    Therefore, if I am re-elected to the Board, I will propose an amendment to the Board Policy Manual, creating a Quarterly Director Workshop for members. “Workshop” is a defined term in the manual.

    Three Board officers would convene a noticed workshop quarterly, with no fixed agenda, open to any subject which members wish to raise. This may include a rumor-central feature that clarifies questions about hot issues, inquiries on how the Board functions, an understanding of policy governance and ideas for the Association’s improvement.  The precise format may need to evolve.

    If any of the officers are unavailable, the other three directors would be called on to substitute.

    No action can be taken at these workshops; however, I expect a number of valid suggestions would give rise to subsequent discussion and Board action. Directors could only express their own opinions and would not speak for the Board; unless, that is, if it’s about Board action previously taken.

    Whether I’m re-elected or not, this is an idea that should be taken up by the next Board.  The Board needs more feedback from members; members need the opportunity for more informal contact with directors.


    Rex Weddle

    Candidate for the Board

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