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    Rana Goodman

    Pet Peeves, Are You With Me?

    by Rana Goodman

    My computer is running very slowly today, that is my excuse for the grumpy mood I am in. After all, retired or not I have lots of things to do today. Mellowing me slightly is the sight of my newly adopted kitten sleeping soundly just above my keyboard purring like a little motor as she does so.

    However, to get some needed information to continue my tasks today, that involves remembering one of the dozens of passwords needed to log onto the specific site. 

    I finally thought of a great password that no one would ever be able to guess. As soon as I used it I received a note that I had used the same password on another site and that would make me vulnerable. The site suggested I change it to something, (you ready for this) with 8 to 10 letters, 4 numbers and a special character.  I frequent dozens of sites on a regular basis and am hardly able to keep track of family phone numbers, let alone dozens of different passwords.

    Now let me ask you, why do you think I need a password to access a site to view art work? not Chagall, or Picasso, I’m talking about pictures, logos, stuff to dress up things I write. I grumbled about this to my youngest daughter so she brought me a small notebook entitled “shit I can’t remember”…… The idea was to list all my passwords and what site they were for. Half the time I forget to look in it, the rest of the time, well who has the time to keep looking these things up when I’m sure that I forgot to write them down after I have had to change them.

    However, I have an even larger Pet Peeve…… How do you feel about these automatic recorded  cyber-operators? First message, “before I can direct you to an agent I need to ask you a few questions” 

    She: what is your full name?

    Me: I give her my name

    She: “I’m sorry, I did not understand you, please repeat that”

    Me: I spell my first name.

    She: “Please tell me why you are calling”

    me: “to speak to a human agent”

    She: “I need to know why you are calling”

    me: to speak to a human agent…. frustrated, yet again, I hang up….

    I think one of the worst is my pharmacy. The recorded voice calls and says “this call is for Ranner Goodman, your prescription for R is ready for pick-up. Since I have several beginning with the letter R, I ask for the full name. My reply, after I reach a pharmacist “we are sorry but we cannot give you the name over the phone it is against the law. Really, that’s news to me!!!

    O.K. my venting is done for the day, let’s hear about your pet peeves, you know they say if we can laugh at ourselves we will feel much better!

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